Block Monster (Mod Apk Money)

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Block Monster

Block Monster (Mod Apk Money)  A new game is coming!
A journey to the adventure with monsters that are made with blocks!!!
A new twist added to an action RPG that is whimsical in every way.

** A simple control following the beat
Crushing the descending blocks following the beat!
An infinite thrill at the increasing speed.

** Unlimited personal customizing
Customizing the orc monster into an elf.
Designs that can be controlled by pixels!!!

** A variety types of evolution process
A bat into a vampire, a hatchling into a dragon.
We are preparing Russian, Portuguese, Spanish version. Please visit these link and Translate English words to Russian, Portuguese, Spanish words. We are so grateful for your effort.

We will try to improve block monster.




Block Monster
Block Monster
Block Monster
Block Monster
Block Monster


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