Cannon King Dave v1.3.2 (Mod Apk)

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Cannon King Dave

Cannon King Dave v1.3.2 (Mod Apk)
Idle cannon simulation game!
Build cannons and dominate the world!
Build the indomitable cat legion!
Neighboring Village 1000 floors
Neighboring City 1000 floors
Neighboring Nation 1000 floors
Neighboring Planet
*Back up your game data with Google Cloud Save. So you can recall your data whenver you have to re-install the game.
*Deleting the app also wipes out all data.

If you rejected the permission, you could not use the service.
You have to allow the permission that is necessary.
Please set the permission directly, if you chose not to see the permission setting.

[How to set up]
You can’t use the application without giving it proper permission. You need to manually give permission if you chose “Never ask again”.
Go to Setting > Application Manager > Cannon King Dave > Permission > Check All permission

[Access to address book]
Used for Google Play(Log-in, Achievement, Leaderboard).

Cannon King Dave
Cannon King Dave
Cannon King Dave
Cannon King Dave
Cannon King Dave
Cannon King Dave

1. very high leaf
2. very high gold
3. very high coin


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