CB Mobile v1.0.0 Mod Apk

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CB Mobile

CB Mobile v1.0.0 Mod Apk CB MOBILE – Monument ARPG back.

CB Mobile world full of mysteries and dangers are lurking death. After 100 years of sleep, Mara awakened, pushed humanity facing doom, mainland at risk 1 go dark again permanently. The militants are crossing between blood born with the task of protecting the continent from the hands of the Mara.

Join the CB Mobile, players will transform into a warrior to fight off duty Army Ma Toc, the fascinating adventure and conquer the various subsystems challenging. CB Mobile brings you quality ARPG frenzy not only through hunting Boss battles or fierce arena but also conquered you by uninterrupted chain this combo filled rhetorically. Especially the “Wings” in CB Mobile diverse category experience will bring a completely different level.

Is a typical RPG, CB Mobile brings you this thrilling PvP mode, where you are tight guillotine show his ability. Of course there will not be missing the great battle full of fierce, affirming throne Legends your champion.


– Sophisticated 3D graphics, realistic effects skills to detail.
– String combos completed, beautifully brought positive experiences “have”.
– Feature pet, wings, General supports rich in variety and effect.
– Feature Phu Cuong uncle diverse and comprehensive.
– PK 1vs1 mode dramatic delegation accompanying the battle mode, PK teams adrenaline.
– Chain attractive task and the subsystem is extremely unique, rich.
– The diverse daily deals, online bonus, bonus level increases, log consecutive week, receiving huge incentive.
– System World Boss, Boss supplement challenging.

CB Mobile - CB Trở Lại

CB Mobile - CB Trở Lại
CB Mobile - CB Trở Lại
CB Mobile - CB Trở Lại
CB Mobile - CB Trở Lại
CB Mobile - CB Trở Lại

– X damage
– God Mode

Install Steps:
1.) install modded APK
2.) enjoy


CB Mobile v1.0.0 Mod Apk – DRİVE UPLOAD

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