Devil and princess China v1.0.6 Mod Apk

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Devil and princess China

Devil and princess China v1.0.6 Mod Apk The devil’s evil forces raid the New Moon City, the princess was abducted after the devil disappeared,
Kingdom in an unprecedented chaos!
In order to solve this mystery, adventurers have participated in the adventure of the devil crusade …
With the adventure of the journey, the crowd found that this is actually the devil and the princess shaking big conspiracy! ??

Come “devil and princess” to experience adventure journey, defeat the devil’s evil forces! Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao this summer, the most popular hand tour, do not miss!

【Super cool kill cool gorgeous fighting】
Most readily kill kill pleasure, what are you waiting for?
Crazy swordsman, hit flying bomb screen is cool!
Shadow Assassin, speed combo is cool!
Mage, the end of the destruction is cool!
Three professional perfect balance, please choose your favorite career!

[100 people with the map to eat wild crazy crazy]
Ready to fight with the Dragon King of a war it?
The most vicious, the most dangerous monster, crazy!
The most cooperation, most cover your partner, very crazy!
Eat the king to play the most rare gods installed, is crazy!
Half-screen hunting field BOSS! Tonight out of groups or not there!

[People with the screen to kill the killing]
Who can fight more than I kill?
10vs10 multiplayer fighting, kill!
30vs30 Guild Wars, to kill!
50vs50 cross-service hegemony, must kill!
The king will be able to live a live Hold audience, this is the real domineering!

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The game involves sex, violence, virtual love or marriage
Note the use of time, to avoid indulging in the game
The game content or services are subject to additional charges


1. Invincible
2. a blow kill
3. Infinite MP
PS: Please use the original through the teaching


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