Dynasty Babies v3.2 Mod Apk (High Damage/God Mode)

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Dynasty Babies

Dynasty Babies v3.2 Mod Apk (High Damage/God Mode) “Baby of the Wild” 3D rendering using high-definition technology to create, has a wealth of place to explore, collect to develop, Arena ladder PK games and other games are played, with real-world chat, friends to help the social interaction elements, ready to follow Meng It !!
※ Features real-time strategy combat system
Instantly control up to six babies, relying on skills to go to avoid enemy attacks, find the best position to attack and timing cast skills, through the superb operation to obtain a decisive advantage !!

※ beautiful baby to develop a plan
5 forces, 5 kinds of occupation, up to nearly 100 style stay Meng adorable Q version of the role of freedom with the team, in the “baby of wild hope” to win, not only need excellent operation, but also to understand each baby’s skills And with, as well as the distribution of equipment, props resources.

※ Plenty of “place to explore and collect to develop” play
Send up to four teams to explore, capture enemy heroes will be placed in the manor for production, off-line can also get the benefits, no energy can hang up Hey!

* A variety of real-time social interaction elements
The world, the Knights channel instant chat dating, there are friends to help combat, Knights of the members of a total of fighting and other interactive games are played. In the baby’s world, the fear of loneliness will always have friends, fear of lonely always have opponents !!
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Mod 1:
1. Invincible
2. Damage x100


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