Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG v1.0.6.55938 Mod Apk

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Hyper Heroes

 Hyper Heroes v1.0.6.55938 Mod Apk
Adjust team formations, Strike down evil monsters, unleash deadly spells, all easily controlled by one finger.
Tap, swipe and release!

★Chain up Combos
Utilize the powerful hero skills, cast upon your enemies rain of death, icy blizzard or the old-fashioned plus-sized fireballs!

★Hire Guild Mercs
Need a better healer, tank or spell caster? No need to always promote one of your own. Check out guild rosters. Someone may have the talents for hire!

★Co-op with Friends
Join your friends in multiplayer game modes, stand united against waves of enemies, work together in epic boss-fights!

★Plan Your Attack
Carefully select your target, aim for the tiny, but vastly rewarding weak spots, or link up with allies to trigger powerful combo skills!

★Select Your Heroes
Try out different setups in face of ever-changing challenges.
Build up your adventuring party from a variety of characteristic heroes, each with unique stats and skills that greatly affect the way you play.
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Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes
Hyper Heroes

1. God Mode
2. High damage (Insane)


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