MU Origin – RU v1.6.0 Apk Моd (Speed x3.0 & More)

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MU Origin - RU

MU Origin – RU v1.6.0 Apk Моd (Speed hack x3.0 & More)
10 years ago has become the source of the genre of 3D-Fantasy-MMO «MU Origin» maintained its classic style with a modern look!
With Unity3D graphics engine revived distant majestic fantasy world! Heroes do not die, they only temporarily silenced! Universe «MU» immortal, not only in our memory!

== Features ==
※ Ten classic in a new guise!
Three heroes and classic class instances are back!
※ Colorful graphics, fascinating gameplay!
Realistic fighting, convenient operation!
※ High levels of classes of heroes, a large range of viewing!
※ Up to ten of thousands of online players in the fight for the crown!
Collective battle on servers united, hot fights «PK» between players!
Huge location, open world, endless adventure!

== == Three classes
※ Warrior:
Messenger destiny to protect humanity, combines the strength and skill of fencing, fearless master of martial arts, especially melee.
※ Mage:
He speaks of the mysterious power of magic, master different types of magic. The enemies of panic as soon as they hear his name – no matter where or when.
※ Archer:
Elf celestial beauty, with its sacred power. Her arrows so quick and deadly that no enemy can hide from them.

== == Official information
Group VKontakte:
Official website:

== System requirements ==
OS: Android 4.0 and above, a separate GPU graphics processor
Free space for installation: 600 MB.

MU Origin - RU
MU Origin - RU
MU Origin - RU
MU Origin - RU
MU Origin - RU
MU Origin - RU


– X3 Move speed
– Unlock vip 12


MU Origin – RU v1.6.0 Apk Моd (Speed x3.0 & More) – DRİVE UPLOAD

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