Puzzle of Magic v1.0.14 Mod Apk

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Puzzle of Magic

Puzzle of Magic v1.0.14 Mod Apk You will be summoned to Fantasia, the magic world.

With Funfun as your guide, your adventure will begin!

You’re going to see many mysterious, dangerous, and amazing things but you don’t have to worry. If you math 3 puzzle stones as your special magic, all obstacles will be nothing!

Defeat monsters with Wand, Bow, and Sword. Heal your HP by Potion. Use the Magic Books with Amulet. Then you can go to the next level!

Save the heroes and make them your friends! You can summon them and fight together.

But, there are also very dangerous creatures. They will attack you to stop your adventure. You have to overcome all obstacles to save the world and go back home!

Remember, the one and only person who can save the world is you.

Your adventure advices.
-Sometimes, you just need luck in solving your problems.

-On the other hand, you also have to plan an amazing strategy for difficult levels.

-All puzzle stones have their own specialty.

-Use the Magic Books in maps for powerful changes.

-You can summon heroes after clear specific levels.

-Some heroes can attack monster, other heroes can help your HP or Mana.

-Choose a proper hero to defeat your enemy.

-You can get ‘Enchant’ by opening Treasure Box in maps.

-Sometimes, you have to protect your hero as a mission.

-There can be Monster Summoning Portals or Monster Waves in difficult levels.

-Some special monsters have magic powers.

-Remember that you can power up your heroes.

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Puzzle of Magic
Puzzle of Magic
Puzzle of Magic
Puzzle of Magic
Puzzle of Magic
Puzzle of Magic

Infinite Lives
Infinite Coins
Infinite Gems


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