Save The Jelly Pet! v1.0 Mod Apk

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Save The Jelly Pet!

Save The Jelly Pet! v1.0 Mod Apk Wanna play with cute jelly pets? Wanna save some animals love? Oah, puppies. Let’s do this!
Welcome in the world of candy, the wonderland of sweetness. You want to rescue all the lovely zoo citizens, but are you able to save the jelly pet before it’s too late? Let your puzzle skills speak for you and defend the tower with courage. Block busting fun is just a download away with unique challenges divided over the candy forest. Release the puppies from their cages and free the captured jelly pets. Ready for this puzzle game? Tap now and experience happy moments with sweet pets!
You need to tap each block group to make it disappear, clear the wonderland of evil and celebrate the happy moments. Use some rocket power if you’re almost stuck, conquer all unique challenges and achieve animals love from the complete forest zoo. Normally, no tiger, lion or elephant will show up here. Only sweet little jelly pets are allowed to enter the animal kingdom of candy. But they’re stuck in cages. Rescue and collect all cute puppies, tap the boxes and make the jelly disappear. Animals belong in the forest, not in cages. Right? Match and play like a king / queen, your puzzle skills are needed to solve this situation. Use some peace rocket power to achieve a colorful wonderland and give some love to the puppies and candy pets!
Save The Jelly Pet:
+ Many Levels With Unique Challenges
+ Match & Tap Gameplay
+ Social Integration
+ Rescue Sweet Candy Puppies
+ Forest Animals Love
Tap the candy block group to erase it and unlock a block busting fun experience. Rescue the jelly pet, save the jelly pet and feel the animals love. Who doesn’t want that? Defend the tower against evil and free the captured puppies with rocket power. Release the puzzle skills that are required for these unique challenges. Solve this puzzle game with success, be happy and enjoy the forest zoo.
Save The Jelly Pet is completely free to play but some in-game items will require payment, such as lives or gold coins. Let’s rescue candy cuties! Love puppies in this candy wonderland!
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Save The Jelly Pet!
Save The Jelly Pet!
Save The Jelly Pet!
Save The Jelly Pet!
Save The Jelly Pet!
Save The Jelly Pet!


Unlimited Boosters & Unlimited Lives



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