Thunder Strike v1.00.230 Mod Apk

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Thunder Strike

Thunder Strike v1.00.230 Mod Apk new version update, next step of shooting game more excite!
Protect universe from Star Alliance with Golden God of War that more powerful!
Challenge with everyone with new mode “God of War Arena” use the same equipment just only your skill to beat other.
And challenge with new feature. Download and Shoot ‘em up!

Steer your God of War and shoot the enemies throughout the galaxy!
Being a Thunder Striker, your mission is to stop the Star Alliance’s evil plan before they take control of the entire universe.

Thunder Strike is a fast-paced shooting game with real sense of the battle field and embedded free game mode. Whether you prefer the endless challenge of interstellar battles or fighting against the 12 zodiac boss, you will be fascinated by this game.
Build your unique battleship with personal preferences and invite your friends to voyage around the Galaxy!


– God of War Arena : Battle with same equipment to beat them up, become number 1 and get special reward.
– Gold Pilot System : Next step of Pilot with the Gold version can unleash ultimate attack skill. Total 11 pilot is waiting match them to unleash unique combo skill.
– Fortress : Create your own Warship, and protect your guild from invader!
– Guild System: Create or join the guild and reign the universe
– Protect the galaxy : Become Earth’s federation troop to protect the galaxy from the devil’s hand.
– PVP Mode : Beat your enemy score to get diamonds and coins.
– Upgrade System : Tons of upgraded parts and weapons are waiting to be discovered! You can make your own unique God of War.
*Thunder Strike is free to play with in-game items available for purchase.*

Thunder Strike ยิงแม่นเลย!
Thunder Strike ยิงแม่นเลย!
Thunder Strike ยิงแม่นเลย!
Thunder Strike ยิงแม่นเลย!
Thunder Strike ยิงแม่นเลย!
Thunder Strike ยิงแม่นเลย!

Features mods:
– High Damage
– Immortal
*** If you want to die, then drag the plane fell on the boss


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