Wicked Lair v1.1.10 Mod Apk

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Wicked Lair

Wicked Lair v1.1.10 Mod Apk A unique take on a Tower Defense / Dungeon Building Hybrid. Build your dungeon as deep as you can, spawn powerful creatures to defeat the heroes that enter your domain and learn spells to aid your minions in battle. Send your own invaders to destroy the town before the heroes raid your lair to win the game.

– Unique Tower Defense/Dungeon Builder Mashup
– 9 distinct dungeon types and 100+ different creatures to spawn
– Mix dungeon types to come up with a truly unique dungeon
– Support your creatures by casting powerful spells
– Attract awesome boss creatures to your dungeon
– Lovely handcrafted retro look
– Defend your dungeon and destroy the town!

** Content not unlocking when device is offline **

1. Install wicked lair 1.0.8 or above
2. Connect to the internet, start wicked lair and create a new game. Verify that your purchases are properly unlocked. Shutdown wicked lair again.

Content should then be properly unlocked if you start wicked lair while being offline.

Wicked Lair
Wicked Lair
Wicked Lair
Wicked Lair
Wicked Lair
Wicked Lair

1. Unlimited Gold *
2. Unlimited Potions *
3. Unlimited Gems *
(* Increase)


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