Alternative Girls 2 v5.7.1 (Mod Apk)

Alternative Girls 2

Alternative Girls 2 v5.7.1 Mod Apk) ☆ Game Features ☆

「Alternate Girls 2」!
~ A new story begins with you ~
◆◇<<VR mode deployment!>> Beautiful girl training battle RPG◇◆
[VR] X [Beautiful girl] X [Battle] RPG appeared!

◆Girls are in the immediate vicinity with “VR Mode”!◆
The overwhelming realism that there are girls right next to you!
Authentic VR story corresponding to all characters!
In “VR Live,” girls send character songs
You can enjoy singing in the karaoke!
Let’s participate directly in the world of Alternative Girls 2!
※ You can enjoy without VR goggles.

◆A powerful 3D command battle!◆
Simple command RPG that anyone can enjoy!
Form a team and fight enemies with gorgeous skills!
Equipped with an auto mode for easy play.

◆Customize your room with your favorite theme!◆
The “Operation Room”, where you can meet girls, comes up!
Let’s customize the theme and furniture to your liking.

◆Take photos with your favorite clothes and poses◆
Change girls into clothes you like
In various places, poses, angles
Let’s take your own favorite picture!

◆Let’s enjoy the story with beautiful girls!◆
Full voice story composed of luxurious voice actors!
Raise your intimacy and become close friends with the girls.
Let’s enjoy the 《VR Mode》 story together!

☆ Alternative Girls 2 Official Community ☆
-Official cafe:
-Brand page:

※ Information on essential access rights
-Storage: You need this permission to install the game and save the update data.

※ Optional access right information
-Camera: This permission is required to use the’AR Camera’ function.
(You can use the service even if you do not agree to the access right.)

※ How to revoke access
-Operating system 6.0 or higher: Settings> Application manager> App selection> Permissions> Access permission can be revoked
-Under operating system 6.0: Since access right cannot be revoked, it can be revoked by deleting the app
Developer Contact:
Contact: 02-586-9293
Business registration number: 214-88-37555얼터너티브 걸즈2
얼터너티브 걸즈2
얼터너티브 걸즈2
얼터너티브 걸즈2
얼터너티브 걸즈2
얼터너티브 걸즈2


Damage Multiplier – Line 1 in TXT
Defense Multiplier – Line 2 in TXT

Install Steps:
If you have my old mod installed skip to step 5

Link your account to any social (simply backup your account)
Uninstall your current version
Download Altern_Config.txt, attached below!!!
Place Alterna_Config.txt in your INTERNAL STORAGE MAIN DIRECTORY
File must NOT be placed in any folders!
On device it is called INTERNAL STORAGE, emulated/0 and sometimes SDCARD
On Emus most of the times it is SDCARD
Download & Install the MOD
Allow STORAGE permissions to GAME so it can read the TXT values

How to use:

Open the TXT file with any editor
Line 1 is Damage Multiplier
Line 2 is Defense Multiplier
Change the value on each line, save & enjoy!
Min input value is 1
Max input value is 10


Alternative Girls 2 v5.7.1 (Mod Apk) – UPLOADED

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Alternative Girls 2 v5.7.1 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK


Alternative Girls 2  Config – DRIVE LINK

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