Arena of Valor Jp v1.47.1.7 (Mod Apk)

Arena of Valor Jp

Arena of Valor Jp v1.47.1.7 (Mod Apk) ■ Enjoy incandescent 5vs5 battles easily on your smartphone!
5vs5 real-time battle! Victory if you destroy the enemy’s home base!
Billing has no effect on strength! Winning or losing is decided only by ability!

■ Various heroes have appeared!
Historical greats such as “Arthur”, “Lu Bu” and “Goku”
Many legendary characters will appear as heroes.
Each hero is “Warrior” “Tank” “Assassin”
It is divided into 6 types of classes such as “Mage”.
You can choose a hero according to your strategy and role.

■ The game is decided depending on the strategy!
“Tank” is struck strongly, “Mage” is strong magic attack, etc.
Heroes with various characteristics have appeared! Choose a hero according to your strategy!
Defeat enemies and earn experience points and gold during battles. Purchase equipment to strengthen your hero!
Whether to increase the attack power and attack, increase the physical strength
What kind of growth is important, such as whether it will be a shield for everyone!

■ “Teamwork” is the key to victory!
You can cooperate with simple chat and voice chat even during the battle!
Collaborate with your friends to win and aim for the 5 strongest in the world!

▼ Official website

▼ Official Twitter

■ Inquiries
If you have any questions,
We would appreciate it if you could contact us.
Thank you very much.

■ Others
[Recommended environment]
Android 4.0.3 or higher / RAM 2GB or higher
* Some terminals are not recommended or supported.
It may take some time to download.
We recommend downloading in a Wi-Fi environment.伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-
伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-
伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-
伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-
伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-
伝説対決 -Arena of Valor-

1. MOD Menu
2. Map Hack (Enemies always visible)
3. 60 FPS Mode (even if your device does not support it)
4. Drone View

– You have to choose the Maphack depending on your team. If you are in Team Blue choose Maphack for Team Blue. It needs respawn of the enemy if you activate in battle to take effect. You can activate already on loading screen where you see your profile picture in blue or red frame for instant effect.
– Do not keep drone view activated outside of battles, otherwise you stuck at loading.
– Ban risk can be high, you are warned.


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