Ast Memoria v1.1.5 (Mod Apk)

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Ast Memoria

Ast Memoria v1.1.5 (Mod Apk) That young man used to be a “hero” … …

For smartphones, a new guild battle RPG appears!

This work is set in the world where the six races live [ast], the main story of solo play which can enjoy the power of foreign power called [Dunamisu] and a heavy story about memory, and up to 12 people VS 12 guilds It is a real fantasy RPG that you can enjoy a battle.

■ Game Outline
▼ Guild Battle
A game against the guilds formed by players.
Real-time battle of up to 12 vs 12!
By adopting a “round rule” different from the traditional guild battle, the guild who won the first two rounds win (two victories) wins.

▼ Main Story
Turn-based battle with high strategy!
Depending on the choice of the story and how to defeat the boss
New routes are sometimes released.

■ Character
Attractive characters by luxury illustrators.
There are various characters of different tribe such as Hume, Dowel, Drake, Kemomi etc, respectively.

■ View of the world
The existence of a mystery, [filler].
The existence of special power, [Dunamisu] which can only manipulate 【Dunamisu using】.
A young man forgotten from the world 【Vitz】 goes on a journey to regain itself.

■ What is Dunamisu?
Special power which can only manipulate 【Dunamisu using】. It is the existence that the power itself was embodied with various forms. Both the main story and the guild battle, how to use this ability of each character is the key to battle.

Compatible terminals
Devices equipped with Android Ver. 4.4 or later
※ Some models may not operate even if recommended OS version or higher

© Lecran Inc.Ast Memoria -アストメモリア-
Ast Memoria -アストメモリア-
Ast Memoria -アストメモリア-
Ast Memoria -アストメモリア-
Ast Memoria -アストメモリア-


1. Attack x10
2. Defense x10
3. Health x10

GAME FORCE CLOSE? On Android 6+ You need to enable the storage permission in the app settings for that game, if not then GAME FORCE CLOSE!

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