Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir – v3.5.0 (Mod Apk)

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Atelier Online - Alchemists of Braceir -

Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir – v3.15.0 (Mod Apk) Popular RPG for home “Atelier” series of
Online RPG for smartphone appeared!

■ Welcome to the Royal Academy! You are one alchemist

The name of the hero you wear becomes your atelier name!
At the Royal Academy where many students go,
Adventure the world to aim for a single alchemist,
Meet people and open your way!

■ Free alchemy RPG that you can enjoy with no stamina! ■

Demons and collected items that change with time, weather!
Walk around the field freely,
Let’s enjoy collection, preparation, battle.
If you switch to Multiplayer mode, friends and other
Enjoy adventure, battle and harvest with players!

■ High degree of freedom alchemy! Equipment, items prepared by oneself ■

Collect the ingredients and prepare items, equipment, cooking yourself!
Enhance the material and inherit characteristics
Easy operation and fulfillment of recruitment elements!

■ Enriched quest experience with magnificent scenario! ■

Epic scenarios and quests like household RPG,
You can enjoy requests. Various characters and voice actors
The main scenario of Full Voice!
When the mission as “alchemist” was deceived,
What choice do you take?

■ Popular characters of the series also participate! ■

A lot of popular characters also participated from “Atelier” series!
Rorona, Mary and others, popular characters of the past appeared.
You can enjoy series fans together with original scenario.

■ Price ■
App body: free
※ There are some charged items.

Before you use “Application License Agreement”
Please be sure to check the displayed terms of use before using it.

(c) Koei TECMO GAMES All rights reserved.
Developed by NHN PlayArt Corp.

【What is “Atelier” series】
This is a popular alchemy RPG developed by Koh Tecmo Games’ gast brand. Featuring a warm world feeling, a story by charming characters, a comprehensive compounding system and a strategic battle system, the first work “Atelier of Mary – Alchemist of Saarburg -” last year has been 20 years We celebrated.アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~
アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~
アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~
アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~
アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~
アトリエ オンライン ~ブレセイルの錬金術士~

– Atk x10
– Def x10
– Always Our Turn

Install Steps:
– Download Config files first, then put it on “/sdcard/” or you can make one with atelier_config.txt
– Install the bypass to do the tutorial until you fight the wolf, you can skip this part if you already pass it
– Give permission for Storage Access on apps setting
– Install the mod
– Enjoy

IMPORTANT Note for atelier_config.txt:
– There’s 2 line there
– first line use 1 to turn on “Always Your Turn” and use 0 to turn it off
– second line to modify the multiplier for damage from 1 – 10


Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir – v3.5.0 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPSYHARE


Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir – v3.5.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK


Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir – v3.15.0 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPSYHARE

Atelier Online – Alchemists of Braceir – v3.15.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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