AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies v17.2 (Mod Apk)

AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies

AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies v17.2 (Mod Apk) AU2 Mobile is a dance and rhythm game with the most complete social features.

– Added Baby features: Couples can have their own cute baby.
–Play with players from all over the world and find your true partner in the game.
– Enjoy the hottest music in the world and dance happily on the dance floor.
– Build Idol Group with your best friend and become the most shining Idol.
–Interaction with various cute and cute Elves, explore the world of AU2 together.
– Various Costumes and Accessories with thousands of alloy styles available to choose from!

“I’m super cute, so let’s be together!”

Fanpage: https: //

[Sweet Love Unites Us]
A sweet and beautiful social experience will fulfill all your love fantasies. The various ways of interaction that are available will make you closer to him. Everything together, the world seemed to belong only to both of us. Fill your own Love Diary with sweet stories that are passed every day!
“I want to be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye” (* / ω\ *)

[Falling in love with you & the dance rhythm]
Complete selection of music, the latest moves, the most game modes. Complete original music from all over the world accompany you to dance! Also try the latest “Trail Mode”, paint your love with each finger trajectory!
“Every line is a clue that I want to make you mine. “(づ  ̄3 ̄) づ ╭ ~

[Not Alone When With Elf]
The experience of interaction with Elf is immersive, not just limited to “Pet”. Playing with your favorite Elf in the dance arena, evolution becomes a charming “Little Devil”. Enjoy a great time together!
“Please take care of me for the rest of my life.” (* ^ – ^ *)

[Continuing to Practice, Become the Most Shining Star]
The latest “Idol Trainee” feature provides a more exciting playing experience. Create an Idol Group with your friends, practice and take part in the Idol Contest to become the most shining star!
“I’ll be the center of the universe” (๑ • ̀ ㅂ • ́) و✧

Fanpage: https: // Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies
AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies
AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies
AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies
AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies
AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies


  • Perfect 100% (Bubble mode & VOS)
  • Auto click arrow, you just need to click “Beat” on time (Power mode)

Install Steps:
1. Download & Install mod
2. Enable “DRAW OVER” or “DISPLAY POP-UP WINDOW” permission (if Android 6+)
3. Enjoy!


  • Open device “Settings”
  • Go to APPS
  • Scroll down to desired APP and TAP IT

Mod Menu
>Auto Dances Bubble; Perfect on Taiko (Easy & Normal Mode)


AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies v17.2 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

AU2 Mobile(ID)-Lovely Babies v17.2 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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  1. Min bisa gak request mod nya yg terbaru lagi ? , Misal nya auto untuk bahan zodiak langsung clear tanpa play apa lah itu dan detik dan tidak lama untuk di play nya supaya semua zodiak clear semua

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