Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk

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Baby Saga

Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk  Action 3D Side scrolling MMORPG from Perfect Game, developed with Unity 3D Engine. Play with cute characters and with the help of cute pets but do not get deceive by their cuteness! They absolutely have outstanding abilities and skills that will help you complete the quest in no time.

Obviously you won’t play alone not only you can build community/guild but you also can leave voice chat to your friends or other player! Form a strategy, tactic and using the best skill and equip your character with best armor you have.

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Baby Saga
Baby Saga
Baby Saga
Baby Saga
Baby Saga
Baby Saga

Mod 1:
1.) Full map damage
2.) Set begining distance of hero to atk (have been set to near, effective for PvP offline battle)
3.) Just slightly increase normal atk speed
4.) Increase hit count of physic skill (need good device)
5.) Massively increase move speed (effective againts mod user to unleashed the trick)
6.) hero will not move while firing any atk (effective for World Boss & Guild Boss)
7.) Monsters doesnt move (effective for Guild Boss)
8.) Monsters doesnt atk
9.) Set HP to 1 (effective for World Boss) (be carefull in PvP online if u meet NPC/Mercenary)
10.) World Boss doesnt trigger any skill or atk
11.) Removed dummy player in World Boss
12.) Removed dummy player in Guild Boss
13.) Set Demon bar usage to 60% only (effective for helping other (party battle) hahaha :sweatsmile:) (dev still have bug for this one so i reduce it)


Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk – USERSCLOUD

Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Mod 2:
1.) vip 15
2.) massive atk
3.) full map damage
4.) slightly increase move speed
5.) increase hit count of magic & pet skill damage
6.) magic & pet skill damaging will never ending
7.) monsters never atk
8.) monster never move
9.) instan win in PvP, Guild War & Echrocome againts NPC/Mercenary

1.) dont use in World Boss
2.) dont use in Enchanted Ruin
u will be noticed what did i say if u keep want to use this mod in that 2 places


Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk – USERSCLOUD

Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Mod 3:
1. full map atk
2. massive atk, def, dodge, etc
3. max hp set to 1 for world boss doesnt use any skill cuz world boss use skill when his hp decreased by xx% and xx%, etc and for another monster that have trigger skill/buff
4. monster atk, def, dodge, etc set to 1
5. monster doesnt atk & move
6. instant demon bar every kill monster
7. set min distance hero will start to atk by 0
8. set max distance hero will start to atk to near
9. removed stanby notifications when battle in PvP/Guild Battle (so u can hit another player while they still cant move because they still need to see notifications display for 2 sec.) they are dead before play.
10. expand duration of damaging enemy with magic/pet skill to near infinity
11. no skill CD
12. no passive skill CD
13. increase magic/pet skill hit count to max (depend on how good is ur device, cuz i set it to zero between hit and hit. and it can makes player (enemy) got freezed cause of massive number of hit that they taken at once even they can got disconnected if their internet is not good enougth to handle it.

and i am forgot to mod passive skill chance to be triggered. forgot where is the code
and i didnt increase the heal capacity cuz its againts max hp set to 1
and physic hit count i forgot to add it too


Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk – USERSCLOUD

Baby Saga Apk v1.6.0 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

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