Ban Kai v1.3.0 Mod Apk

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Ban Kai

Ban Kai v1.3.0 Mod Apk collected a lot of Japanese anime within the game. Whether those ninja superheroes, cartoon characters, including Lolita super cute Japanese moe The aim of those vitamins to anime gap to melt in mind all gamers. Led by your gods Hestia cartoon Danmachi, young customers cute, cartoon characters from Code-E, Mission-E, Fate Zero Genesis Holy Grail War, Lolita Evil Eyes and more. more A cartoon image of a cute, vibrant research and development team by team. Based on the research and development of the game for several months, using technology in the U3D format, making the cartoon heroes, each with different characteristics and habits. Meet all the popular comics. By cartoon characters and superheroes are all available in mini size. Ta Ta Mun wonder That would be like all gamers. I’m not sure of them.
Adding elves battle. Make your battle more fierce month.
The team has developed a system to help fight Elves, Elves can play along with the main character in the game to help boost your combat. During the battle, the Elves are not just cute only. But there are also many powerful capabilities provide gamers to practice and increase the power of the Elves. Etriib with drug Ito Nora Sesame Mill, Night Mare and the other heroes. For those who like to accumulate and anime fans, Lolita girl you do not miss out!
Meet the Semi Turn-Based 6v6 battle mode make the new PK is not boring anymore.
This game was canceled, how to fight a conventional switch Turn-Based Battle Semi Turn-Based. It has the character of different players to select Paste. With graphic display 3D. For high quality 12vs12 Turn-Based Framework break playing the Grameen view the 3D graphics all angles to get the style of play that style. Along with the new struggle Players have the freedom to choose to play as you like it.
Army heroes Destroy the opponent leveled
The game adds functions. Step up character To these heroes and their protagonists. Along with the allocation of raw materials needed to step up automatically. So that players can level up your hero endlessly. Equipped with Pletp strong. To awaken the hero with spectacular destruction. During the game Spirit can accumulate Pletp to call Pletp well. Although a hero to look ordinary. You can increase the versatility of the gamers pay attention to train and up the hero. Now, they can become a hero of the strongest fighters come forward to help in the fight as well.
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Ban Kai!
Ban Kai!
Ban Kai!
Ban Kai!
Ban Kai!

1.) weak enemies
2.) max VIP
3.) 10x dmg, 10x def


1.) play original apk first till you get VIP 1 in game, can’t remember what the perks for VIP 1
2.) max VIP so far only gave 3x speed, no idea what other perks you can get – i removed max vip, can’t see a point to have it, let me know if you KNOW what the perks were
3.) this mod should work in PvP, watch what you’re doing
4.) I removed dmg mod and this mod is disable on PvP, don’t try to abuse on tower or other ranking areas, or otherwise you can kiss this mod goodbye very soon when they start to patch things again

Install Steps:
0.) download OBB and extract to its location
1.) install original apk, play to pass all tutorial till VIP 1 (skip if you don’t care)
2.) install mod
3.) play

Before anyone comment and ask for “1 hit kill” or god mode…go download versions from other modders. Not gonna implement it on this version.


Ban Kai v1.3.0 Mod Apk – DROPLOAD

Ban Kai v1.3.0 Mod Apk – ZIPPYSHARE

Ban Kai v1.3.0 Mod Apk – Racaty LINK

Ban Kai v1.3.0 Mod Apk – DRIVE LINK

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