Battle Shooters: Free Shooting v1.0.9 (Mod Apk)

Battle Shooters: Free Shooting

Battle Shooters: Free Shooting v1.0.9 (Mod Apk) Our government has built a new arsenal for us to counter terrorists, Practice your shooting skills and obliterate the terrorism in Battle Shooters, become the global justice warrior! The new arsenal provides you better weapons, and help you become unbeatable! Now let’s download the most excited counter strike shooting game- Unkown Battleground Shooters for free! Join our fighting team to strike international terrorism and save hostages!

Battle Shooters has unique features that help you get stronger through the game goes on! You can level up your guns, helmet, bullet-proofer, and even drones! Every level you can get different type of equipment from our arsenal, Prefer fighting terrorists closer? We will offer you shotgun! Prefer shooting from long range? We will offer you Sniper! No matter what strategy you prepared, the only goal is to kill terrorists, but beware of your hitpoint, we are in modern warfare now, don’t forget to prepare your helmet and bullet-proofer, the gate of our arsenal is always open for you!

Besides the weapons we offer for you, you can still find classical shooting game elements in Battle Shooters, Classical maps and Classical weapons. find where the terrorists hiding, aiming and shooting, but be careful what is behind your back, you might be shutdown if you are careless. Battle Shooters will test your reaction speed and aim accuracy, once your level up your equipment, you will get stronger fire power!


-Level up your equipment, and get stronger.
-Perfect visual and sound effects of FPS game, experience the real modern warfare battlefield.
-Multiple classical maps, but don’t underestimate the terrorists, you might be lose even you are familiar with maps.
-Pistols, rifles, shotguns and snipers, nearly hundred of guns can be level up.
-Collect your weapons from every level and level them up to be stronger.
-Improve your shooting skills to increase your combat effectiveness.
-Support offline, you can play Battleground Shooters without internet.

As part of our team of black ops, the mission can only be completed by you! To give peace back to the world, you need to become a soldier with extraordinary courage and unmovable determination! There is always hope once the evil destroyed! Let’s play this free shooting games, easy to play of military games or army-games!
Battle Shooters: Free Shooting Games
Battle Shooters: Free Shooting Games
Battle Shooters: Free Shooting Games
Battle Shooters: Free Shooting Games



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