BattleShip Girl v30.0.0.6 Mod Apk

BattleShip Girl

BattleShip Girl v30.0.0.6 Mod Apk Pretty authentic collection fleet!
Ready to ship chuljeong with a lovely girl!

Steel formally launched ♡ ♡ girl
Please install and then just delete the CBT version of the game for a reliable connection

Jiangsu Girl ♡ ♡ ship only
More than 200 species of itseupnida girl waiting for a ship Admiral.
Meet Pretty ships of various nationalities, including Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States,
Get ready for the fleet of Admiral only to calm the sea.
Girl # # # word laid excess power in the evening than the morning.

♡ ♡ strategic battle of Jiangsu million
Depending enemy, you must select the six ships started off with a strategically.
On sunny days, rainy days, snowy, do not forget that such strategies also required according to the weather the day!
Girl # # # I like the word weather. What costumes give more weight?

♡ ♡ special system of Jiangsu million
1. The ship manufacturing and strengthening, modification system
You can make a girl’s only Admiral directly.
Make a girl needs to ship steel and fuel, ammunition, and aluminum.
Through strengthening and enhancing the ship’s Girl, Make further modifications to upgrade through!
Girl # # # Yamato word is not never give up! I’m stronger the best!

2. Skills and Technology System
Do not ignore that girl ship!
Learning skills through the ship’s skill system, you can further develop your skills through science and technology.
Create a world-class fleet girl to combine beauty and skill!
Girl # # # Looks like a word bigger, you can see, I’m going?

3. Engagement System
Please increase the engagement and favorability of the ship Girl!
Through engagement promise of eternal love, and the more you level up to the girl ship.
Prepare your love blooming flowers on the battlefield.
Girl # # # Did the word Admiral, why call me? ring? The’re not engaged … dream …

Please download the Admiral’s command!
I’ll be always grows next to the Admiral!

■ Information ■ cancellation
– Unused paid content, you can apply for a cancellation by us within 7 days after the purchase.
– For weeks / monthly commodity, a commodity that is non-refundable used immediately after purchase.
– Cancellation of membership due to a simple change of heart will be refunded minus the payment of agency commission.
– Refunds will be conducted in accordance with the refund policies of the App Store, which are available on the terminal, the refund may require the applicant to verify facts and additional evidence materials.

■ ■ Customer Information Center
– Customer Center: 1544-0711 (weekdays 10:00 am to 6:00 pm)
– Contact Us:
– Official Cafe:

■ Game Guide ■ Use Rights
# Game Guide Setting permissions for a service #
1) Call and management allow:
[Call and the Administration for the terminal identification of the guest account rights are required.
It does not make or collect the actual phone. When denied the right to request the game will not be logged.
* Cell phone dialing function is not affected.

2) SMS receive text messages
The authority required a unique identification number for guest login.

3) SD card read and write
For smooth game playing requires the necessary permissions to install the game on the internal / external memory.

* Some items may be subject to additional charges depending on the need and type of purchase.
* Authorization can not be refused when using games.


Mod :
1. Unlimited All
2. Unlimited Ammo
3. One Hit

How To Install:
1. Remove original game
a. if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
2. Download MOD APK
3. Install MOD APK
4. Enjoy =)


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