Beggar Life 3 v1.3.2 (Mod Apk Money)

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 Beggar Life 3

Beggar Life 3 v1.3.2 (Mod Apk Money) ## Raising Beggar 3 is the third game in the Raising Series, which is a mix of idle and clicker.
If you are looking for a fun game or an addictive game, enjoy Raising Beggar 3~!
The game proceeds in the following manner

1. Empty space
[Earn Money]: You can earn money by clicking on the screen or by building a store like a tycoon game and selling things to customers.
[Beggar Power]: You can earn money faster by enhancing your clicker ability.
[Shop]: You can build a store that can sell a variety of food and do business.
[Alba]: We hire Alba who does business in the store.
[Guests]: When you upgrade your guests, auto-visit increases, so you can enjoy them as an idle game.
[Skills]: There are skills that can make you visit more customers or make money faster.
[Construction]: Develop an empty vacant lot to turn an empty vacant lot into a rich new city.

2. One Dime Village
[Real Estate]: You can buy or sell various real estate assets in a specific area.
[Let’s put it together]: You can check today’s fortune from the shop.
[Wall]: You can beg or play a coin-finding mini-game.
[School]: You can solve various quizzes such as common sense quizzes, number quizzes, etc.
[Park]: You can pick up coins under the vending machine or play can pick up mini-games in the park.
[Hot Dog Shop]: You can eat hot dogs.
[Convenience store]: You can eat triangle kimbap and cup noodles.
[Taekwondojang]: You can win from white belt to black belt through the promotion screening game. To defeat the promotion judge, use fist and kick.
[Boxing Center]: You can increase your punching power or enjoy a boxing mini-game with the director.
[One Dime Comics Cafe]: You can see the cartoons of reminiscence cards for raising beggars.
[Gym]: You can enjoy fitness training and weight lifting mini-games.
[Ramen shop]: You can eat ramen.
[Ice cream shop]: You can eat ice cream.
[Pharmacy]: You can eat nutrients that are good for your body.
[Coin Karaoke]: You can sing ballads or trots.
[Coffee Shop]: You can drink coffee.
[Sporting Goods Store]: You can do a simple job.
[Hanwoo Bulgogi Restaurant]: You can buy and eat Bulgogi.
[Mart]: You can buy fresh vegetables or fruits.
[Gas station]: You can do a simple gas service.
[One penny bank]: You can save money and earn interest.
[Hanpun General Hospital]: You can receive eye care and dental care.
[Cave]: You can enjoy a merge game where you combine minerals to make a ring.
[Subway Station]: You can beg in front of a subway station, or go to the mountains or sea.
[River]: You can catch various fish through river fishing.
[Art Museum]: You can enjoy various pictures of raising beggars.
[Aquarium]: You can enjoy the fish caught in the river.
[Soccer Stadium]: You can practice soccer.
[Zoo]: You can enjoy a variety of animals.
[Funny Land]: You can play a mini-game to pick up coins at the amusement park.

3. Other
[Game Goal]: Buy all real estate in a specific area!
[Mission]: Each real estate has simple missions, and you can purchase real estate by clearing the mission.
[Real Estate Value]: Over time, the value of the property increases, and you can resell it to gain a market margin.
[Tenant]: The property I bought has a tenant, and I can have a simple conversation with the tenant.
[Stats]: If you raise the various stats of the boss beggar, you can raise the stats of the boss beggar like a training RPG game.
[Adventure]: You can enjoy various adventure games while walking around the village.

All the real estate featured in Raising Beggar 3 are virtual real estate and have nothing to do with real estate.
Real estate-related content, mini-games, and stories will continue to be updated in the future.
We will always listen in an attitude to communicate with users and collect and reflect various opinions.
Please point out a lot of deficiencies and ask for a lot of various opinions.

We will continue to strive to be reborn as a more fun game.
Thank you.

Please send other inquiries to the email below!
Developer Contact:
Gasan Wcenter, 181, Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82263349646거지 키우기3 부동산
거지 키우기3 부동산
거지 키우기3 부동산
거지 키우기3 부동산
거지 키우기3 부동산
거지 키우기3 부동산


1. Infinite Gold*
2. Infinite Mana*
*Increase when spend​
The currency and blue water bottle will be used more and more after use.
Note: Please follow the tutorial instructions before going through the tutorial tasks, otherwise you may get stuck and need to restart before you can continue the game, please be aware!


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