BLADE v1.0.3 Mod Apk


BLADE v1.0.3 Mod Apk

[End unparalleled legend x create blade myth]

South Korea’s well-known developer “Action Square” pinnacle of the three countries, the use of UE4 top engine development, to create a host game comparable to the delicate quality and refreshing shock experience!


– Game features –

[Exquisite Art X HD High Quality Visual Feast]
· Unique, delicate Korean people set up, and the history of the Three Kingdoms a total of new chapter!
· Realistic scene performance and soundtrack, experience generals battle battle pride happy!
· UE4 engine to create a new, ultra-high-quality light effects of the actual situation is not clear!

[Unique with the system X skills burst screen super cool blow]
The unique characteristics of even the system, continuous COMBO readily no limit!
The first for the stunt, master the opportunity to surprise!
· Wu generals exclusive skills, experience seven into seven, such as into the environment without the pleasure of people!

[Depth of internal affairs play X no longer no brain mowing]
Unparalleled combat integration of business elements, strategizing and cultivating a strong force.
· Ministry hall, smelter, arsenal … diverse city facilities, action hand travel no longer no brain!
· Unique monarch skills configuration, Jagged, love the material, righteousness as you wish!

[Famous nurturing system X generous parties]
· Diversified to develop the system, strengthen the generals unrestricted.
· Random synthesis of rare weapons, character determines your strength!
· Force, intelligence, internal power … … shape generals unique character, no the most powerful generals, only the strongest match!

[Very shocking play X variety of copies of content]
· Chaos war heroes, to meet your siege, the Central Plains of the ambition!
· Crusade unlimited battlefield, the master and servant of a total of foreign enemies, the battlefield test your intelligence and strategy.
3V3 big fight, fine soldiers Titans singled out, to help you recover the world!

[End unparalleled legend x create blade myth]
South Korea fine action hand tour “three countries BLADE”

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