Block Amok v1.50 (Mod Apk Money)

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Block Amok

Block Amok v1.50 (Mod Apk Money) Try the new best thing! Block Amok is an awesome action puzzle game about shooting structures and cardboard cows until they collapse. Drive a fun vehicle and utilize unique sheep powers to your advantage, and watch the buildings crumble before you! Your sheep sidekick will cheer you on and give you hints!


The levels in this game are automatically generated, giving you an ENDLESS amount of possibilities for entertainment! Compete against your friends in Adventure Mode, be challenged by the Daily Puzzle, and send bacon to your friends and receive Piggy Banks! There’s so much fun to be had in Block Amok, so get it now – it’s free!

Thousands of people can’t be wrong, this game is nothing short of amazing!


★ Endless Destruction with an unlimited amount of randomly generated levels and puzzles!

★ Powerful new weapons on each vehicle!

★ Complete a handcrafted puzzle every day to win incredible rewards!

★ Different sheep characters and vehicles to suit your smashing style!

★ Leader boards! Compete with your friends and send them delicious bacon!

★ Smash rare Piggy Banks for grand rewards!

★ …and of course cardboard cows you can shoot right in the face!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!
Block Amok
Block Amok
Block Amok
Block Amok
Block Amok
Block Amok

a large number of diamonds
You need to complete the first three off tutorials and re-enter the game to use diamonds to buy gold coins.
Note: 9.0 may have a flashback situation, after the update optimization will continue to follow up, solve the problem will be notified to everyone in the first time, please be patient.


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