Blue Archive v1.35.115378 (Mod Apk)

Blue Archive

Blue Archive v1.35.115378 (Mod Apk) -A story of finding a little miracle in casual everyday life

Yostar’s school x youth x story RPG “Blue Archive-“!
As a teacher, with unique and attractive students, in the unusual school city of Kivotos
Let’s spend everyday!

■ Synopsis
This is the school city of Kivotos.
In a huge school city consisting of thousands of schools, troubles are constant every day.
To address this issue, the Federal Student Organization President established the Federal Investigation Department [Petri Dish].
This story tells the daily life in the school city with the teacher who is the adviser of [Petri dish] and the students who cooperate with it.
It is a story I drew.

▼ 3D battle where cute characters play an active part
Powerful 3D real-time battle!
Cute characters make an outstanding performance in a narrow space on the screen.
As a teacher, command the students!

▼ High-quality 2D animation that colors unique characters
Beautiful girl characters will welcome you with beautiful 2D animation!
Sometimes you can see special animations when you get along!

▼ Let’s deepen the bond with the students and spend a special day with them!
The longer they spend together, the stronger their bond with you.
The days with these girls will surely make your daily life special!

▼ Official Twitter

▼ Official website

(C) Yostar, Inc.ブルーアーカイブ

Mod Menu
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier


Blue Archive v1.35.115378 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Blue Archive v1.35.115378 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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