Bokudora v1.1.3 Mod Apk


Bokudora v1.1.3 Mod Apk Character of “Alchemist FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” appeared for a limited time in “Boku to Dragon”!

In “Collaboration Gacha” you can get “familiar character” such as “Alchemist” Ed, Al and Mustang etc.
Faithfully reproduce the world view of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” in the background!
In addition, this time you can earn collaboration gacha tickets in response to participation in the “Memorial Login Bonus” and “Big Solicitation! Scout Lash!” Event.
The more you participate, the more collaboration gacha tickets you can earn, so do not miss this opportunity and please enjoy the drama and hagaren collaboration.

◆ ◇ “My Dragon (Boku Dora)” beginner cheering campaign being held! ◇ ◆
· Just play the game “Boku to Dragon”
Get 8 “rare game cards” for free!
· Super real advantage over real time battle now
Popular UR “Valor of the Evil” Valor
Get “Free gathering ganga sword or more” for free!

There are plenty of benefits of the highest peak of online cooperation guild battle game!
Play online cooperation with friends! Enjoy with a fully real-time guild battle!

▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼ [I and the Dragon] Game introduction ▼ ▽ ▼ ▽ ▼
◆ ◇ Sakusaku easy operation !! Full 3D action RPG (role playing game) ◇ ◆

Tracing with one finger makes me feel refreshed. Easy to use authentic 3D refreshing action game
In addition to cooperative play with friends you can play as much as you want without physical strength consumption!
Level up by monster deprivation! Hunt furiously hunt a lot of monsters that spring up neglected !!
Let’s get your favorite dragon by defeating the dragon with action battle

◆ ◇ 【King Road RPG (role playing game) Cooperative play with friends! Atsui struggle guild battle ◇ ◆

Guilds fighting against each other on-line! A summoning battle that crashes perfectly in real time is hot!
Together with fellows, aim for a reversal with cooperation battle!
Let’s experience the highest peak of an authentic guild battle game with cooperation play with a friend !!

◆ ◇ [Enchanted character] Illustrated super high quality ◇ ◆

Top online design quality with 3D online RPG
It will be fun to play with authentic quality up to pretty girls, handsome dragons !!
Deck construction is infinite with more than 200 units in total !!

◆ ◇ 【Collaboration Festival】 Event · Collaboration is also plentiful ◇ ◆

A lot of interesting collaboration events and plenty of events to take in
Let’s enjoy playing with aiming at the top ranking where you can receive gacha swords and luxury rewards


▲ △ ▲ △ the world of me and the dragon ▲ △ ▲ △

Long ago, following a strange god and a dragon
There was a great summoner who saved the crisis of the world by the evil forces of the Devil.

In the final battlefield with Maou, the magic team drawn by the summoner was left
People gathered on it, and the country was built soon.

Somewhat in this place the past spirits summoned and
Using the dragon who wields huge power,
“Summoning battle” to decide the strongest summoner was held.

Today, a young boy came aiming for the strongest summoner.
The boy’s adventure starts now.


◆ ◇ 【My Dragon (Boktodoragon)】 is such a game ◇ ◆

· Cooperation battle game that you can enjoy with friends
· Build a unit of pride, you can play an online battle game with guild colleagues
· Roopur of royal road game where cooperative battle game can be enjoyed by multiple people
· Free gacha so you can enjoy even full free online games
· Action RPG that can be easily operated with one finger · 3D action battle
· Road royal road where you can make dragons and summoned beasts companion
· Make guilds and aim for top ranking with fellow fighter game
· Real-time battle game that raises character
· Action RPG · Battle RPG has a refreshing feeling
· Belong to the guild and cooperate in battle game friends can do
· Multiple playable games with people all over the country
· Fantasy worldview royal road RPG
· 3D online RPG where many cute characters come out
· Guild game where you can enjoy online match-up game with more than 4 people
· An online game that can report the battle situation with a member of the belonging guild with complete free chat
· Popular real RPG game application with free gacha
· 3D online RPG that can chat with users all over the country for free
· Games that everyone can play in killing time with a smartphone
· Games that you can make friends even in strategy games and tactical games
· Popular real RPG (role playing game)
· Fighting gathering fellows with cooperative play


◆ ◇ [My Dragon (Boku to Dorakon)] is recommended for this person ◇ ◆

· I like authentic and interesting online RPG (role playing game)
· Do you are looking for a flashy 3D action battle rope
· I want to play a full-scale RPG which is a royal road game as a recreational game
· I want to play a multiplayer game that I can do online with my friends
· Pretty mini characters come out, I am looking for a game of fighting fighting
· I like breeding RPG games that can train dragons
· Real time battle RPG match with friends, you can play a fighting game Recommended game I want to play with the application
· I’d like to enjoy full-scale 3D action battle with online games
· I am looking for a fantasy game that is perfect for killing time with free gacha
· I want to play 3D online RPG with breeding RPG where many cute characters come out
· I’d like to do a battle game with a different opponent every time in an online battle game
· I like to play 3D action games and real time battle even in real RPG
· I want a game application that can do all kinds of attacks and support like battle games
· I am looking for a game with high degree of freedom in a lot of online battle games
· I like a multiplayer game with cute girls’ units united and guilds (gironde)
· I am looking for a fighting game that guild battle and friends match will be possible
· Fantasy elements like magic, summoners, summoned beasts like monster games are liked
· I am looking for a game to fight with my friends from the recommended game
· I want to enjoy battle RPG in a game where you can play against friends such as friends
· I am looking for a game to fight with friends collecting friends with a recommended application, a fighting game
· Battle RPG like dragon RPG where dragon comes out
· I want to play online RPG (role playing game) with smartphone
· Among fighting games (fighting game), looking for a recreational game that also has a breeding RPG element
· I want to actively operate and negotiate game more than neglect development game or neglect RPG
· I am looking for a funny multiplayer game to kill time
· I like real time battle game so I want to play refreshing action game of real time battle
· Looking for recommended games where you can find friends or find monsters


■■ Recommended OS ■■
Android 4.0 or later
* Although it may be possible to download it even though it is not recommended terminal, operation may not be stable depending on the usage situation.
Particularly in the guild battle game part, display delay etc. may occur. Please note.

■ “My Dragon (Bokura)” Official Site by Ignis


God Mode
One Hit

How to install
Install original and bypass some first tutorial and log in google play account then install mod


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