Bolt.Earth – EV Charging App info

Bolt.Earth – EV Charging App APP

Bolt.Earth is an all-in-one Electric Vehicle(EV) infrastructure provider. With the Bolt.Earth network, we aim to build a smart, safe, and connected world for electric vehicle users across the globe.

Why is Bolt.Earth the best EV charging point in the market?

Bolt.Earth is India’s largest EV charging infrastructure player in terms of charging points deployed to date. We provide an end-to-end solution for managing EV charging infrastructure.

Our presence in 100+ cities across the country, a monthly user base of 50,000+ users, and 10,000+ LIVE Bolt.Earth charging stations on our platform make us one of the best commercial EV charging stations. Also, it’s quick, easy, and super affordable.

How Bolt.Earth works:

Installing a Bolt.Earth charging point takes less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is mount the device to a wall, power it using the three wires, then activate it using the Bolt.Earth app.

You can install Bolt.Earth in garages, RWAs (apartment complexes), shops, commercial spaces, and so on. In addition, any electric vehicle (bikes, cars, autos, etc.) can be charged using the Bolt.Earth app.

How to charge EV using Bolt.Earth Charging Station

Charge your EV in 4 simple steps:

✓Download the Bolt.Earth app from Playstore/Appstore

✓Give the app access to your location

✓Choose your nearest Bolt.Earth charging station and navigate to the location

✓Once there, scan the QR code above the charging dock and get started

Key Features Of Bolt.Earth:

– Interactive map to find EV charging points near you

– Access to details like – charging station’s pricing, availability, distance from you

– Monitor charging sessions in real-time using state-of-the-art tech

– Manage your bookings and check energy consumption

How to earn using Bolt.Earth:

Our peer-to-peer network allows users to host their Bolt.Earth charging point LIVE on the Bolt.Earth app for other users.

As a Bolt.Earth owner, you can add your EV charging point for the public and set its availability throughout the day. Also, you can add multiple charging points to your account and seamlessly check energy dispensed and generate an extra income. All of this while helping to create an omnipresent charging network that addresses the concern of EV range availability.

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