Bubble Tea Tycoon v1.4.0 (Mod Apk)

Bubble Tea Tycoon

Bubble Tea Tycoon v1.4.0 (Mod Apk) If you take over a dying bubble tea shop, how to bring it to life?

BINGO! What we need is the design and publicity of business!

Come on! Recruiting cute and famous cats and developing the most outstanding bubble tea formula to save the dying bubble tea shop.

The success of being the first-class bubble tea shop can’t be separated from untiring efforts. There are many factors of being Internet-famous, such as collecting customers’ feedback and hearts, reasonably buying materials, decorating your shop and extending shop’s influence.

Bubble Tea Tycoon is an interesting and funny simulation game with simple synthetic mechanism, delicate and rich gaming system and references. Players can make his own trending brand of bubble tea!

Based on operation players need to hand out leaflets and place online advertisement from “tiktoc” and “meowblog” to attract more customers. Players can make appropriate type of milk tea only if he understands the demand of customers. There are various kinds of customers and if you meet the VIP, please take good care of them~

Players need to recruit cutie cat to work for you to speed up the process. In order to develop a new formula and increase the popularity and attractiveness, players need to upgrade raw materials and cat staff. Besides, players can also decorate and unlock surrounding ornaments to attract more customers.

There will be special internet celebrity events in a certain period of time! During this time, a steady stream of customers will be activated, and there will be long queues outside the store. You can make a fortune again!
Bubble Tea Tycoon
Bubble Tea Tycoon
Bubble Tea Tycoon
Bubble Tea Tycoon
Bubble Tea Tycoon
Bubble Tea Tycoon

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