Caller ID: Spam Call Blocker info

Caller ID: Spam Call Blocker APP

Welcome to our Caller ID: Spam Call Blocker app. Our phone call app will identify who is calling, will recognize unknown callers & numbers, while giving you a great phone book UI. Beside that, you can block spam contact and block spam calls

This is spam blocker app you need to make your communication safe and smart.

Main feature in application call blocker:

★ Smart call dialer

– Identify unknown numbers.

– Always know who is calling

– Find out true phone caller id and more number details

★ Block spam

– Black and report spam contact

– Never receive spam call

– Call protect

★ Smart contact manager:

– Easy to copy and edit number

– Delete number and contact

– Create new contact

– Smart phone dialer

★ Call history:

– Check incoming and outgoing calls

Why should you choose our spam detector app:

– Easy to use phone calling dialer app.

– Friendly interface

– Quickly install and call

Let us know how much you enjoyed while playing this manager spam blocker app and tell us about bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions you like to add.

Thank you!

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