Car Junkyard Simulator v0.3 (Money)

Car Junkyard Simulator

Car Junkyard Simulator v0.3 (Money)

Your city is full of garbage. All the streets are filled with abandoned broken cars that block the passage of vehicles.

The last hope of the townspeople is for an outstanding entrepreneur who plans to build a car junkyard with a full cycle of car recycling.

You have to organize the sorting of cars, moving them to the factory building, and there to build a lot of workshops that will process the car from a pile of metal into steel and other useful materials.

The recycling cycle in the game is as close as possible to the recycling of old cars in real life.

First, a special press must crush the car, then another press makes a cube out of it. And after that, the car is sent to the melting furnace. The result is steel that is suitable for the production of a new car.

All this and much more you have to do in the game. Build workshops, connect them with a conveyor. Improve and optimize workshops, expand the plant, complete quests. We promise it won’t be boring.

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Car Junkyard Simulator
Car Junkyard Simulator
Car Junkyard Simulator
Car Junkyard Simulator
Car Junkyard SimulatorMOD features:
Spending money increases.


Car Junkyard Simulator v0.3 (Money) – MEGA NZ

Car Junkyard Simulator v0.3 (Money) – FILE LINK

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