Cat Run – Kitty Rush v0.3.4 (Mod Apk)

Cat Run - Kitty Rush

Cat Run – Kitty Rush v0.3.4 (Mod Apk)

You love cats and are passionate about running, you want to own a cute cat for yourself? Cat Run – Kitty Rush is perfect for you! This is an idle tapping game that allows you to transform into a professional trainer to help the cute fat cat exercise through daily running exercises.

With simple one-handed play, running has never been easier and more exciting! Earn coins by tapping and practicing with the running machine, then upgrade your cat’s speed and endurance stats. Unlock skins, costumes and items to run even faster. Participate in matches with other cute opponents. All in Cat Run – Kitty Rush!

? Fun and completely free, you will never get bored with our 5 game modes:
● Self-practice: Practice at home with the running machine to earn coins. The more you practice, the more coins and experience you get.
● 30s Challenge: Race against time and challenge yourself for 30s with run tracks from 100m to 2200m.
● Sprint: Bored of running alone? We have lots of other lovely heavyweight opponents waiting for you on the track.
● Durable: Run for 30 seconds with other opponents. Don’t be fooled by your opponent’s cuteness, those cats are really fast warriors!
● Hurdle: Challenge harder with hurdles all over the race.
? Accurately track your status and stats.
? Collect unique skins, costumes and items to increase speed and get more coins while running.
? Gold Run: Run for money. Run fast to earn as much money as you can in limited time.
? New weekly attendance bonus! All you have to do is log in daily to get tons of gems and use them to equip yourself with more items.
? Complete challenges and get more gems with the achievement board.
? Unlock other backgrounds to make running more fun.
? Eyes-catching graphics, smooth effects and easy to play anytime and anywhere.

? Level up and earn coins by tapping.
? Accumulate experience, upgrade the cat’s speed and endurance.
? Equip your cat with unique items.

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Here’s a little tip for reading all the way to the end. You can tap much faster if you use more fingers. Happy tapping! Meow~Cat Run - Kitty Rush
Cat Run - Kitty Rush
Cat Run - Kitty Rush
Cat Run - Kitty Rush
Cat Run - Kitty Rush

Mod features:
large amount of currency


Cat Run – Kitty Rush v0.3.4 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

Cat Run – Kitty Rush v0.3.4 (Mod Apk) – MEGA LINK

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