Caveboy GO v1.0.4 Mod Apk Money

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Caveboy GO

Caveboy GO v1.0.4 Mod Apk Money Step into the world of Caveboy Go as you move along the puzzle by matching 3 tiles to navigate through the maze and gather treasures. Use your gathered gold to free the adventurers cursed by the maze and unlock fun unique characters!

“After proving himself as the maze master, Caveboy set out to find his missing companions. His search led him to the lost labyrinth, where many adventurers have fallen victim to the labyrinth’s curse and turned into Golden Idols! Could his closest companions be trapped in these idols? Join Caveboy in his quest to collect the treasures from within the maze and free the adventurers!”

Caveboy Go Features
• The only Match 3 Maze Runner game in the world.

• Release, collect and level up over 28 cute characters.

• Meet mysterious Ghosts on your adventure.

• Character passive abilities give a unique game experience.

• Compete with friends to become the ultimate maze master.

• Unlock Rare Characters by collecting special treasures.

• Playable in Airplane mode.

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Caveboy GO
Caveboy GO
Caveboy GO
Caveboy GO
Caveboy GO
Caveboy GO

1. 10 Level As Head Start On Each New Mission/Level
2. Revives Increase Instead Of One Revive On Each mission Loss
3. Characters Unlocked


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