CODE:SEED vT.0.9.10 (2103091213) (Mod Apk)

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CODE:SEED vT.0.9.10 (1912131641) (Mod Apk) AD2080 Humans discovered moonstones emitting strange radiation … In the following years, a large number of moonstones were secretly placed around the world. Countless humans were mutated by their radiation to become zombies, and the virus generated by the radiation in the zombies Infecting more humans, the crisis spread rapidly … Under the crisis, human society collapsed and the world fell into chaos.

To combat zombies, researchers from Shenqi Group tried to study the mutated cells of zombies and produced special genetic modification agents to transform the human body. The transformed people gain extraordinary fighting power and immunity to zombies infection, and these transformed people are called-“Fire” Fire fighters were sent to various places, successfully helping people to establish several safe areas , But in order to compete for limited resources, all security zones are fighting each other …

The cause of the crisis is still hidden behind the shady …

【game introduction】

“Come to know your friends, Commander”

The “Fire Fighters” are all genetically modified girls from Shenqi Company. Each of them has a unique super ability, which is your survival in the last days, and a partner against zombies. In addition to daily battles and training, don’t forget to share with them. The girls increase their relationship. Maybe you can learn their unknown story.

“Hard work, Commander, welcome back”

In order to cope with the complex situation under the doomsday, the commander needs to improve the overall strength of the camp, clear the surrounding area, establish a protection system, a resource collection system, and various types of cutting-edge equipment that help the fire fighters to improve their strength. Cultivate them, improve their ability in all aspects, enhance their fighting power, and resist the invasion of the zombie tide.

“Commander, are we ready to go?”

During the expedition, you will encounter bifurcation sections, each road will encounter different events, and each expedition will need to end the regional leader before you can return home safely. It is up to you to choose whether you are afraid of breaking through the corpses by force or dodging most zombies to take the leader directly.

“The battle has begun. Commander, let’s go! Destroy them!”

As a commander, you must be familiar with the characteristics of each fire fighter, each fire fighter has three different forms of effect skills. Sliding connected skill icons can be used to fight. Selecting released skills based on battlefield conditions and skill effects is the key to victory. The more skill icons connected at the same time, the greater the power and effect of the skill. Commander, are you confident to lead us to victory?
[Famous CV Dubbing]
Caesar CV Sato Chiwa
Edison CV Kamisaka
Nobel CV 水 桐 け い と
Beowulf CV Yu Mu Bi
Siegfried CV
Lancelot CV Shimizu Amami
Tokugawa Ieyasu CV Inoue Marina
Jiang Shang CV Fujisaki
Napoleon CV Hidaka
Schrodinger CV flat out
Odysseus CV Ueda Kana
Galileo CV Kinmoto Shouko
Hercules CV Ishikawa Yui
Newton CV Hidaka
Tesla CV Anno Hisano

[Official Information]
“CODE: SEED Song of Spark” Official Website Reservation Page:
“CODE: SEED Song of Spark” Official Facebook Fan Page:
This game requires internet connection
This game is free to use, and additional paid services such as virtual game coins and items are provided in the game.
Please pay attention to the game time, do not indulge in the game CODE:SEED 星火之歌

MOD Features:
1. one hit kill
2. baka enemy

Install Steps:
– Uninstall original game.
– Dowwnload and extract to /Android/OBB
– Download and Install modded APK.
– Play


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CODE:SEED vT.0.9.10 (2103091213) (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

CODE:SEED vT.0.9.10 (2103091213) (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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