Collapse Gakuen v7.3.52 Mod Apk

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Collapse Gakuen

Collapse Gakuen v7.3.52 Mod Apk ★★★ whole world Downloads 30 million topped ★★★
Popular side-scrolling action game in the world “collapse Gakuen”
Explore the world collapsed along with the heroes of “the chosen one’s”!

【game introduction】
Suddenly, the collapse visited in the world,
Whole world of human beings in overnight was accidentally zombie.
Hero of this work – the mystery of the girl Kiana-chan, self-proclaimed “chosen one person.”

Meet a variety of people in the world full of zombies.
Its purpose is, however, only in order to survive …

★ exhilarating battle game to be enthusiastic action gamers around the world.
Free to steer the character through a combination of ingenious virtual sticks and weapons button. It can also be easy to master a beginner.
Simple yet thoroughly enjoy, game outstanding of side-scrolling action game.

★ rich in game of full-scale action game
By real-time operation function without a lock-on function, on the left side of the virtual stick movement, freedom to be able to control the fire and the switching of the weapon on the right side of the button.
In addition to the basic operations, during the battle, it is also possible to comrades summoned by pressing the upper-left comrades button of.
Trying to capture dozens or more stages of the quest in cooperation with comrades!

★ variations wealth of weapons, equipment
100 full use of several more weapons, can be a variety of battle style, experience the exhilarating battle in real-time battle with the attack coming zombie!
All of the equipment strengthening, evolution, skills can be enhanced, Aim the vertices of the fight continues to evolve!
Weapons, costumes, by the combination of the Medal, fighting style is large change!
Assess the equipment compatibility, Nashi quest clear mistake With the advantageous weapons and Medal in the battle!

★ Items that holds the key to weapons training rainy day “pants”
Striped pants, polka dot pants, white pants, bear’s pants
Lace pants, ribbon pants, lace pants, leopard print pants, T pants
C pants, new pants every time to advance the game can get!

★ hero character voice is appointed every name voice actors!

Kiana-Kasurana: Rie Kugimiya
Raiden Mei: Miyuki Sawajo
Buronya-Zaitsuekku: Kana Asumi
Immeasurable tower Himeko: Rie Tanaka
Teresa Apocalypse: Yukari Tamura
Seele-Fererai: Mai Nakahara
Shin Mar: Sumire UESAKA

The voice of the voice actors even in combat can be heard.

★ hero nor a zombie all cute girl!

◆ app price
Apps body: the basic free-to-play
※ There is some paid items
Please check the Terms and Conditions before you use.

[Recommended terminal]
Android OS 4.0 or higher
※ (there is some non-recommended terminal)

◆ To check the most up-to-date information
Deliver the latest information of “collapse Gakuen” in the official website and Twitter! Who faster than “collapse Gakuen”
Check the information!

〔Official site〕

[Official Twitter]

◆ Help Contact Us
The question of the review column and official Twitter can not answer individual correspondence.
If you have any comments and requests about the game, thank you addressed to the e-mail address below.

[What you want will have to fill out when you contact]
‣ your device name
‣ trouble details
‣ your numeric ID (comrades you can check in search of a place in the game)
‣ crystal is not reflected problems, please send us a screenshot, including the number ID and order number and content of your
‣Opinions and requests


menu mod
one hit
god mode
unlimited ammo
no reload


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