Crystal Hearts TW v6.27 Mod Apk

Crystal Hearts TW

Crystal Hearts TW v6.27 Mod Apk

2017 years, super gorgeous 3D Korea Top Ten for RPG game, Crystal Heart (Crystal Hearts) strong stage!
South Korea famous factory research and development, Korean deep voice dubbing.
Instant flash fancy cool NO.1, the best combat experience.
Super kill skills + passive skills, to create a unique play.
Super gorgeous awakening shape, bring you the highest visual enjoyment!

“Kill the devil, collect his comrades, let Amir with our partners together to regain the heart of everyone’s crystal”
【Instant flashing ❖ Highest degree of coolness】
Instant flash strokes of the RPG combat system, metamorphosis of the devil kill, rely on their own flash to flash ~ Super handsome skills animation, crystal heart to the players to bring the most cool fighting to enjoy.

[Super handsome kill skills ❖ multiple captain passive]
Crystal heart of a variety of super handsome unique hero skills, with the diversity of captain passive, put on different properties and equipment, to create their own original tactics.

[Is Korean hero ❖ ultra-fine visual enjoyment]
More than a hundred crystal heart of the original Korean hero role, and after the awakening of the role of super-gorgeous appearance, flash your eyes around all the people ~

[Exclusive role to develop ❖ design their own hero school
Different from the previous card to develop the game, for the role of passive and captain skills, to create a variety of attack speed, high burst, high damage flow. The And so on, the crystal heart of the multi-play and so you to develop!

【contact us】
“Crystal Hearts – Crystal Hearts” Fans: https: //
Crystal Hearts Customer Service:

水晶之心 - Crystal Hearts
水晶之心 - Crystal Hearts
水晶之心 - Crystal Hearts
水晶之心 - Crystal Hearts

God Mode
+1000 Attack
Don’t add one hit because it will make you stuck in some map !

How to install
Install original and bypass some first tutorial and log in google play account then install  mod


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