Days After – zombie survival simulator v9.7.0 (Mod Apk)

Days After - zombie survival simulator

Days After – zombie survival simulator v9.7.0 (Mod Apk) Days After — a survival shooter where the majority of humanity has been wiped out by a zombie invasion. Those who survived, have escaped civilization and taken refuge in the wilderness.

Survive in harsh conditions and collect resources to craft equipment and tools. Construct weapons and build your base. Fight off wild animals and zombies. You’ll never have a moment of peace. If you want to live, you will need to carve your way to salvation.

Pick up survivor diaries, explore dozens of diverse locations in an abandoned, plagued world.

The trip will be challenging. In this survival simulator, you will have to deal with hunger, thirst, unforgiving conditions and a mysterious virus.

Tackle quests, raids and bandit outposts to uncover the story of the infection that led to the apocalypse.

The closer you get to civilization’s ruins, the more zombies will attack you. Missions will become harder, but the rewards will be bigger. You’ll find rare resources, powerful weapons and most importantly, more information about this world.

Fight through hordes of zombies and live to tell the tale in this epic survival game.
Days After - zombie survival simulator
Days After - zombie survival simulator
Days After - zombie survival simulator
Days After - zombie survival simulator
Days After - zombie survival simulator
Days After - zombie survival simulator


  1. dumb enemy
  2. free craft: only works with some items
  3. fast travel

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


Days After – zombie survival simulator v9.7.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Days After – zombie survival simulator v9.7.0 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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    • Latest update 7.2.1 doesnt work properly. You craft for free like before. And max damage also is not usable anymore.

  1. This game is really good, but trying to find an updated version with mods that work is almost impossible. There are mods out there such as free craft and fast travel, but when you go to the world map and try to run to another location it just shuts down. If there was an option to turn this mod off when moving locations then it would work really good. Also to try and make a mod for Magic Split would be really good, as trying to create items and tasks is really hard as you always need just that 1 more item and its never around to find. One example is I’m trying to upgrade my Radio Tower and only need 1 brick but have been playing now for 2 weeks and still can’t get one. If you created a Mod for the above I’d happily pay cash for it.

  2. This is the same version as the one on Platinmods, it doesn’t work and infact wrecks your game, I initially installed it and when I went to use the Free Craft mod it comes up as “Your Inventory is Full” and doesn’t craft what your trying to craft, it then blocks one of your spaces in your bag and also removes items collected. Now when I try to open it, it just keeps saying ” You are not connected, Click to Reconnect”, but it wont connect. I’ve been playing this game for weeks now and its all unplayable. Please have a look at it and try to correct the issues please.

  3. I’ve just updated this hoping that it would repair the damage Platinmods mod did, and its installed ok but when it loads up it shows the Daily Reward Screen but wont let you select anything, the buttons are reacting but the screen wont close. It will allow you to upgrade by watching an Ad but then just returns back to the Reward Screen and again won’t close. Is anyone else having the same issue? I want to reinstall the game but don’t want to lose my progress as I’ve been playing this for months now. Anyone got any ideas?

  4. Thos update ruined my prevoupse games. All versopns vith mod was good but after instaling this game stops lounching.


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