Devil Eater v4.2 (Mod Apk Money)

Devil Eater

Devil Eater v4.2 (Mod Apk Money)
Camera/Microphone permission is use to record play screen in Everyplay

[Best Reviews]

★★★★★ Only game I’ve felt the absolute need to rate. Style reminds me of Bloodborne and the parry system reminds me of Dark Souls. But is still its own thing.
-Lost In Shadows
★★★★★ Whoah, I like this! It’s like Deep Dungeons of Doom on steroids. I like the ad structure. Make lots more games, guys. I’ll play them all! -Troy Lauffer
★★★★★ Best game ever. Add costumes that you put on your character which could give him buffs or just make him look cooler -Baby Face
★★★★★ Amazing, It’s a great game it is just mind blowing. -Jordano Ali

‘…After Elise’s death, I have been cursed…
Now is the time to hunt them back…with the dark power from the curse…’

Punish down the evils with cursed demonic force and duel pistols!
You must continue to kill evils to guard your soul from demonic force taking over you…

* If you can not select items after purchasing items, please go to Settings> Restore Purchase.
Please contact us by email if you can not

* Final Boss Stage!
– Meet Baal, the ultimate boss on 400 kills
– Finally you’ll find out what happened with Elise

*Your data now can be saved!
– Title Scene > OPTION > ‘SAVE/LOAD’ Btn.
– Save often to save yourself ;D

[Game Features]

Punish the devils and purify 5 cities!

◈ Sensitive action system
Counter Attack : Counter the enemy’s attack by guarding JUST in time!
SkillShot : Bust away the devils in a sweep!

◈ Selective leveling
– Train your hunter : Train hunter and upgrade various offensive/defensive skills and speed!
– Weapon Shop : Variety of demonic pistols with different skills!
– Buy costumes with Skills!

[Bugs or Optimization Problems]

◈ Laggy on most 512 Ram devices
◈ Has mysterious crash bug at start. We’re trying to resolve ASAP but little clue. Sorry!

◈ Free Gold Offer wall’s first offer may need additional treat to load
– After the very first offer completion, reward may not be loaded instantly.
– In such case, please reopen and close the Free Gold offer wall, and your gold offer will be loaded.

Devil Eater
Devil Eater
Devil Eater
Devil Eater
Devil Eater
Devil Eater

1. One Hit Kill
2. Unlimited Coin
3. Unlimited Gems
4. ADS Removed


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