Dragon & Colonies JP v2.0.6 Mod Apk

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Dragon & Colonies JP

Dragon & Colonies JP v2.0.6 Mod Apk The latest work given by Level Five that has produced numerous hits and Keiji Inafa is finally here!
Create a facility in the cube-shaped world “Hakionion”, let the residents live, create your own kingdom, and fight against the enemies.
Make, make and fight! !

■ The cube-shaped world “Ha colony”
Craft your own Ha colony that you like!
Many units with various features.
It’s up to you to strengthen the battlefield and increase your productivity.
Create your proud kingdom by freely combining the characteristics of each other!

■ Your country and the enemy country unite! ? Battle system “Kachanko battle”!
“Kaganko Battle” starts when the enemy and your own HA colony merge.
It is better to destroy your opponent’s defense base first.
The arrangement of characters and facilities will greatly influence the outcome.
Arrange the units tactically and prepare for the Kaganko battle!

【Bold fearless one-shot reversal! “Hako rotation”! ]
An important keyword in battle, “Hako Rotation”.
Even in a desperate situation, you can rotate your own colony
By changing the field you can also aim for one shot reversal!

【With friends nearby and people all over the world! ]
Ha colony that I grew up can enjoy the Battle of Chakanko anytime, anywhere!
You may decide the best among your friends, or aim for national rankings,
It is good if you win out! ?

■ How to enjoy each person “Hako life”
How to enjoy Ha colony is each person. It is also good to put your energy into field work,
Enhance your government policy, and enjoy the Jacob life that suits you!

■ Story
The sky and the sea as far as the eye can see.
People live their lives by creating a country on a square floating island called Ha colony.

Such a world used to be a paradise-like country where all races coexist and prosper.
The rule of the paradise king, Hexadron, who created the humanitarian destination, brought about a moment of peace in the sky.

However, the rise and fall is always the world.
The revolt of the three men turned paradise into ashes, and the world rushed into a period of war where three powers fought for supremacy.

Even after the paradise king’s death, its glorious memories will not go away.
Countries all over the world are struggling to find a drawing yard in Kairakuen where the essence of national development has been written.

Terry, the protagonist and best friend, is also a young man from the common people who dream of drawings in paradise.
They were irritated by the bad politics of their hometown, and they went out on a journey out of the country in order to make their own hometown.

This is a story of crafting a true paradise.

○ “Dragon & Colonies” official site
https:// www.dracolo.jp/

○ “Dragon & Colonies” official Twitter
@ dracolo_project
https:// twitter.com/dracolo_project

○ “Dragon & Colonies” Official LINE
http:/ /nav.cx/dcvDzBx

■ Price
App body: Free (some paid items available)ドラゴン&コロニーズ

1. Damage & Hp

Note: Must equip item to get effect, only works on STORY STAGE

Install Steps:
1. Download mod
2. Install
3. Enjoy!


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