Elder Ark v1.1.13 (Mod Apk)

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Elder Ark

ElderArk v1.1.13 (Mod Apk) ★ Story ★
A long time ago … People received the favor of the gods and received the power of God “Duminous”
I was allowed to use it.
Using that great power, he built prosperity.
However, human beings who misunderstood the power of God as their own power
“Black fog” that causes the power to run away and bring destruction to people
It was generated and was in danger of extinction.
Abandon the stupid human race and give all blessings as a punishment
I have stopped giving to humankind.
It was human beings who had only the path of destruction left,
In exchange for the lives of seven heroes, later called “wise men”
I was able to get the forgiveness of the gods.
The creator god “Tels” revives the land contaminated with black fog,
A new power to replace Duminus called “Eltin”
I bestowed a sacred treasure on a person.

Time has passed … Mankind was divided into three powers.
One is a force that believes in the god Terus and whose main power is Eltin.
One is the power to revive the power of Duminus,
One is a neutral force that has both of them and the public interest.

Continent history 897 years. As the troubles of each power continue,
It is an era when adventurers called “Strutos” are emerging.
“Ain” and “Rika”. From a small team created by two people who will change the world later
The story begins

★ Game specifications ★

◆ 2 out of 7 types for each Struts! Switch and fight! “Form shift”
Each Struts has two types of forms.
Forms can be switched during combat, allowing you to use on-the-fly skills.

By choosing the form that suits your situation, you can fight in your favor.
The forms that can be selected depend on the Struts.

◆ “Ark Finish” that shines the character’s individuality
Each Strutos has a special move called “Ark” that can be used by accumulating the gauge to the maximum value.
I’m waiting. Ark is not only very powerful, but also a character image
There are plenty of combined productions!
Please enjoy the discerning Ark production.エルダーアーク

MOD APK Features:
Mod Menu
> God Mode
> Special Skill always ready


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