Exoria Online Idle MMORPG v1.0.0 (Mod Apk)

Exoria Online Idle MMORPG

Exoria Online Idle MMORPG v1.0.0 (Mod Apk) Explore a vast fantasy world, customize your character, and engage in thrilling PVP battles. With regular updates and new content, the adventure never ends in Exoria Online. Download now and experience the best multiplayer RPG on Google Play

Big world divided into instances!
The game combines the possibilities of online play, the interaction of players straight from MMO RPG games with a full of fun, a dose of solo play. In Exoria Online Idle RPG Clicker you will focus on developing your character by exploring the world, grinding monsters and farming eq.

Do you prefer PVP fights over PVE content?
Of course! Every good RPG must not be complete without competition! Jump into the PVP arena, gain glory in weekend leagues or take on the role of a barbarian by attacking other players on GRIND maps.

A classless system
The proprietary classless system gives a real flavor to an RPG game. Develop your skills, learn about the SKILL System to properly manage the path of your hero’s development. Use bows or swords. Learn magic to create powerful spells and summon mysterious creatures.

Timed Dungeons and Events
You will not be bored! Timed Dungeons and Hourly Events are something you can always wait for and fight for great prizes!

Some important game features
🌟 Every piece of equipment you are wearing is visible.
🗡️ Items Rarity System – each item in the game can have up to 5 types of rarities. From plain to legendary. Collect three items of the same type to unlock your hero’s glowing aura.
🏆 Guilds and guild raids
🧙‍♂️ Magic is something special
🕹 From level 5, Auto-Battle and Auto-Skill are available – it can’t be too easy, your device needs to be active!
🛡️ Anti-cheat. Our team makes sure the gameplay is clean!
👹 Bosses and special monsters
🗡️ Skill System – develop the specialization of a specific type of weapon
📖 Constantly developed content – we try to add new maps even a few times a month!
⚔️ Growing Discord community. Join and find friends in a common MMO RPG game
🌟 The game is Free-to-play and ad-free!

Join Discord and become part of our community:
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/Hwbk3ZK

– You need a stable internet connection to play
– This is an independent mobile game, made by players, for players
– You can use the Idle AFK functionality in the Online game

If you have a suggestion, idea for game development or found a bug, please write about it in the appropriate section on the Discord server. Every opinion is very important to us!

Download NOW and enjoy our classic RPG clicker today!
Exoria Online Idle MMORPG
Exoria Online Idle MMORPG
Exoria Online Idle MMORPG
Exoria Online Idle MMORPG
Exoria Online Idle MMORPG

*MOD Features*
✶ Dumb Enemy

Note: Turn the mod off before entering the campaign.


Exoria Online Idle MMORPG v1.0.0 (Mod Apk) – MEGA LINK

Exoria Online Idle MMORPG v1.0.0 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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