Fantasy Drive v2.4.2 Mod Apk

Fantasy Drive

Fantasy Drive v2.4.2 Mod Apk 2000000 DL breakthrough! Sengoku, Three Kingdoms warlord, the late Tokugawa period patriot and gods unfolds of great power full-scale 3D Cocoroyoshingeki RPG!
More than 150 of the hero appeared! To invoke the quirky mystery, trying to experience the exhilaration of the best!
[Yukimura Sanada, Nobunaga Oda, Ryoma Sakamoto, Soji Okita, Musashi Miyamoto, Abenoseimei, Zeus, Odin, King Arthur, Amaterasu, Liu Bei, Lu Bu, Monkey King, angler other]

【game introduction】
Exhilaration of supreme born from 3D battle, simple operation of the ultra-beautiful and great power!
The unit is freely moving, you Nagitaoso the enemy in the mystery of the ultimate Warriors!

■ “crowded training game elements packed! Trying to develop the strongest of the team! ”
To increase the unit level “strengthening”, carried out by collecting the rune is the “evolution”, skills that are hidden in the unit and evolution will continue to be released.
Other skill level up as well, it turned into the ultimate form “awakening”, such as the six “weapons equipment”, there is a wide variety of growth factors.

■ “Whether advance by making full use of the mystery! ”
Mystery can be immediately activated with one button when the gauge is accumulated during the battle.
Unit has a unique mystery to suit each of the personality, there are various types of effects. Let’s smash the enemy to be dancing!
Sengoku, Sangokushi, Journey to the West, Edo, Shinsengumi, Onmyoji, the Knights of the Round Table, Hoshin Engi, Greek mythology, Germanic mythology, such as such as Japan mythology, from all the world, the strongest of the warlords, samurai, hero, the remembrance such as the gods summoned to, let’s fighting strategically to suit the situation!

■ “laurels of the strongest champions in anyone’s hands! ? Incandescent player versus battle! ”
In the stadium held battle competitions between players every week, you gorgeous reward is presented to the top ranker.
Since it is allowed to race up to a maximum of 7 units, let’s challenge to organize a team of the strongest combination!

■ “in cooperative play with other players he a behemoth! Reidobosu compelling! ”
In addition to the boss suddenly appear in quest, to subdue at all players [World boss] also appear every day!
The fight against huge boss is mobility is also important. Jackpot to quickly perceive the will come, let’s subdue while fending off the attack!

■ “Come Party in the guild battle and cooperation quest! ”
Guild quests guild battle and luxurious reward, which will be held every day can get! Aim the strongest guild in cooperation with comrades!

■ “enjoy without getting tired all the way! It will be released one after another battle content !! ”
To clear a variety of conditions infinitely goes forward [infinite Yumesakai] mode other, such as the [House of Takarama] [during the training] [sky arena], you can challenge more and more new battle content at the level reached!

————————————————– —
■ Price
Apps body: Free
※ There is some paid items.
■ recommended specs
Android 4.0 ~
※ support in other than the recommended terminal, compensation, etc. I can not do Please acknowledge it humbly.
Before you use the “Application License Agreement”
Please use after confirming you be sure the terms and conditions that are displayed.
■ Contact Us opinions and requests teeth here fart


1. Mod Menu
2. x20 Damage
3. God mode


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