Fantasy Heroes v1.8 Mod Apk

Fantasy Heroes

Fantasy Heroes v1.8 Mod Apk  Grand Launching Commemorative Up to 600,000 won worth of items! ★
★ New server open ★

▶ Ranged Action RPG, Start and End! 2017 popular mobile game Jeon!
▶ 3x gameplay support! Speedy mobile action game!
▶ Recommended New Concept System
▶ Real-time PVP role-playing game ★
▶ Scramble action games, treasure scramble!
▶ It is a mobile game that you can play without any additional downloads.
★ Join the official cafe now and participate in various events! ★
★ Jin’s official official cafe: ★

[game introduction]
1. Combine the popular heroes of the Three Kingdoms to complete the best team action!
2. Easy, fast and easy to play with automatic combat, or you can do more damage with your own control RPG action!
3. Mobile game with simple operation and convenient system for easy play !!
4. Summon the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms to unleash PVP and Legion Wars tactical strategy game!
5. You can play your own game with various contents.
6. Only girls can make decks to join the front
7. Three Kingdoms 2017 latest royal remake
8. It is born with a stronger armed force by utilizing the Shin Shonen link which is only in the junior run!
9. Various Royal equipment system crashes such as weapons, armor, jewelry, rings, ornaments

– Content filled with fun mode Yin Yang Temple
[Tobbal] – Experience the fun dungeon of 80 different levels with general / elite dungeon!
[Underworld] – Take control of the castle and acquire resources!
[Treasure Contest] – Prove your skills in real-time PVP !!
[WORLD BOSS] – defeat the rebels by collecting the power of all!
[Duel] – Win the best by hiding the rankings with PVP !!
[Corps Corps] – Corps VS Corps Corps!
[Legion Dungeon] – Participate in Legion Dungeons only!
[Store] – Hero Sculpture, Experiences Potion, Equipment, Stone, Growing materials, etc.
[Summoning] – Various kinds of items such as items, heroes, equipment, etc. can be purchased for free / for a fee!
[Legion] – Content that can take care of various contents and rewards such as Legion Dungeon, Legion, and priests !!
[Shin Soo] – A system to strengthen even more by tame the monsters such as giraffe, blue dragon, and zakka !!

▶ Korean-type Hyeon Yang company ‘Wolyang’ will be updated

[ Notice ]
● You can download and play for free.
● You need an internet connection to play the game.

[Guide to app access rights]

You need access to the following apps to access the game.

Access media files
This permission is required to store the game in external memory.
If permission is granted, the game can be installed in external memory when the capacity of the terminal is insufficient.

Phone function access
This permission is to check the ID of the device, the activated call device number, and so on.
This right is used solely to collect information necessary for event compensation and customer interaction.

Address Book Access
This is the right for Google account login.
You can rest assured that it will only be used to sync account information.

Use to send SMS messages and add SMS with view privileges to automatically receive an authorization number.

※ Under Android 6.0 collection guide
This app is developed with Android OS 6.0 or later and the user’s operating system is 6.0 or higher.
You can select individual consent of access authority. However, since the operating system below 6.0 does not support the above functions
Please make sure that you can upgrade to 6.0 or higher through the software update feature on your smartphone.
(Updating to 6.0 will not change the permissions granted to existing apps.)

If it is not possible to update to 6.0 or higher, it is not possible to withdraw consent by individual consent and access authority.


It is the time of the Warring States period, the Warring States period, the Warring States period, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the ambition of Nobunaga, the Nobunaga ambition, the Oda Nobunaga, the War of the Three Kingdoms, the Imperial Japanese War, the Three Kingdoms, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nationwide Warriors, Nobunaga’s Nozomi, Navy Ship, Girl Front, Boy Front
Developer contact:
X Legend Korea
Business Number: 220-88-79002


God Mode
1 Hit

How to install
Install original and bypass some first tutorial and log in google play account or facebook then install mod


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