Fate/Grand Order TW v2.17.1 (Mod Apk)

Fate/Grand Order TW

Fate/Grand Order TW v2.17.1 (Mod Apk) In 2021, the future field observed by “Near Future Observing Lens·Sheba” disappeared without warning.
According to calculations, it is found that-no, it proves that humans will be extinct in 2018.

why? how come? who is it? What have you done?
Faced with many questions, the researchers of the “Institute for the Continuation of Human Nature Chaldeans” fell into doubt

At this moment, Sheba observed a new change.

In 2004, in a city in Japan.
Here, an “unobservable field” that has never appeared before appears.

Chaldeans assumed that this was the cause of human extinction and decided to carry out the sixth experiment which was still in the experimental stage.
That is time travel back in time.
A forbidden ritual to send the magician spirit child to the past, to find out the peculiarity of time and space, to find out the truth or to destroy it by intervening in the event.

It’s called the Holy Grail Exploration-Grand Order

This is the general term for the existence that protects mankind, fights against history, and fights against destiny.

[Epic depiction of 1 million words, the biggest holy grail war in history starts! 】
The original plot of “FGO” was personally written by Fate’s father Nasu Mushroom. The 1 million-character novel-level plot and multiple background settings will bring you into a new world of endless imagination!

[Fate series all heroes assembled, the ultimate call across the age! 】
The servants that can be summoned in “FGO”, including the classic characters in many famous Fate works such as “Fate/Zero” and “Fate/stay night”, as well as the heroes who first appeared in “FGO”, will be with you Conclude a covenant and join in this huge holy grail war! In the game, Shielder, Ruler and other ranks made their debut in “FGO”!

[Card-style command battle, authentic Japanese RPG! 】
“FGO” is loyal to the Japanese orthodox RPG gameplay, by giving orders to followers, using instruction cards to express, and fighting in a turn-based form. Players will be able to appreciate the classic pictures of various treasures once again, and recall the touch of the fate series.

[Ultra-luxury painter drawing team, as many as 40 seiyuu lineups participated together! 】
“FGO” invites more than 50 well-known artists including Takashi Takeuchi to form an ultra-luxury art team, and specially invites the original voice actors of the Fate series to participate in the dubbing!
Asakawa Yuu Abe Kina Inada Toru, Ueda Kana, Egawa Ooyu Endo Aya Okubo Rumi
Otsuka Akio Ohara さやか Okiayu Ryotaro Okura Yui Kawasumi Ayako Kana Nobu
Takeshi Koyasu Nishimae Tadahisa Saito Chiwa Sakamoto Maaya Sakurai Takahiro Sawajo Misaki
Shimoya Nobunaga Shimazaki Nobunaga Suzumura Kenichi Suwabe Junichi Seki Chiichi Ko Nairi
Tanaka Atsuko Tanaka Rie Tanada Risa Tange Sakura Tsuruoka Satoshi Takuma Terashima Kosuke Toriumi
Nakai Kazuya Nakamura Yuichi Namikawa Daisuke Noto Mamiko Nonaka Ai Hayami Saori
Miki Mikiichiro Mizushima Daisuke Midorikawa Hikaru Miyano Mamoru Yasui Kunihiko Yusa Koji
(According to Japanese 50 sound sequence)

※”Fate/Grand Order” is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※The game plot of this application involves violence.
※The game provides free download and play, but some content and services of this game require additional payment.
※In order to protect your game rights and interests, please do not believe or use others to save, so as not to violate the law.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.Fate/Grand Order
Fate/Grand Order
Fate/Grand Order
Fate/Grand Order
Fate/Grand Order
Fate/Grand Order

– Mod Menu
– NP is always full
– Weak enemy atk (or God Mode)
– High player atk
– Easy win
– Unlock FPS


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