final tank v8.4 (Mod Apk)

final tank

final tank v8.4 (Mod Apk)

The 3D version of Battle City, Final Tank, has finally arrived!
In this game, you can recall the fun you had with your friends in Battle City and enjoy the real-time PVP mode!

First, the game includes a series of singleplayer and multiplayer modes:
– Solo Mode: there are multiple solo modes in the game. The variety of terrains and traps makes it fun to explore and challenge the in-game world;
– Boss: there are dozens of bosses in the game. Against their barriage, you need to move smart;
– Team Challenge: the diversified social system in the game allows you to fight alongside your friends against challenging enemies;
– Real-time PVP Mode: we have added a real-time multiplayer PVP mode to the latest version. Time to show them what you’ve got!

Second, there are all kinds of tanks in the game, and each of them has its own features.

Third, the game will grant tons of benefits. By completing server opening missions and participating in events, you can obtain a large number of resources to upgrade your tanks and unlock stronger ones!
Are you ready? Download the game and be the next hero on the battlefield!final tank
final tank
final tank
final tank
final tank

*MOD Features*

Note: Purple coin will get inside battle match in campaign then increase health will activate after you finish 1 floor.


final tank v8.4 (Mod Apk) – MEGA LINK

final tank v8.4 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK


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