FPS Honor: Special Forces v1.15 (Mod Apk)

FPS Honor: Special Forces

FPS Honor: Special Forces v1.15 (Mod Apk)

Welcome to special force game in fire battleground to complete unfished fps missions to regard first person shooter ‘s honor. FPS HONOR: Special Forces Game is based on desert army base occupied by enemy soldiers in a dead zone. ​In this FPS shooting game you play as part of IGI team. You landed in front of this military base after your jet crash due to enemy attack with ballistic missiles. You have only one M191 pistol for your survival. You have to to snatch enemy’s latest gun to complete unfinished missions after your army bulten defeat. Top shooters & sniper masters with a strong aim of the enemies are hidden in strategic locations of this territory. You can also Upgrade your guns to higher guns from our huge arsenal of assault rifles to hunt your enemy in different parts of the combat zone. In this game your survival is critical.

In FPS HONOR: Special Forces each mission is different from the previous one you played. Commando, unfinished stealth missions are awaiting for you to accomplish in desert battlefield. Survive yourself through each mission to get surprise weapons like SMG, AK47, Carbine, Gernads, RPG (Rocket Launcher) & snipers for sniper missions as sniper master at the end. You can purchase new upgraded guns, medkits to refill you’r health & deadly grenades from our weapon store. Your missions also include impossible escape missions on you’r helicopter within time like the escape of prison army soldier of your firing squad from enemy jail. You have to pick secret military intelligence documents very important to your country nuclear plant safety stolen by the enemy during a war loss within given time & have to come back your squad helicopter. You have to destroy enemies transport system by destroying enemy transport trucks and modern warfare supply. You can also use the RPG (Rocket Launcher) to destroy deadly jet fighter airplanes to stop surgical strike also included in your deadly intelligence missions list. For far range target shooting a long list of snipers with extra zoom are added to your weapons list. Missions become more challenging as you progress & at the end of each your survival is critical. Utilize your commando skills with your fire sqaud in deadlyisland. You are proud of your army don’t let their head down.

Let’s be the part of full fps action packed game to amuse yourself with amazing shooting experience.

FPS HONOR: Special Forces Features-:

​- Amazing FPS action effects and epic game-play
– Upgrade your guns, purchase medkits && deadly grenades
– Touch and slide the screen to aim at and shoot the enemy with your gun
– You can get a closer look of enemies with the help army snipers mirrors
– Find out hidden enemies & targets with the help of radar
– Next generation mobile graphics, adventures environment
– Move around by using the joystick.
– mobile optimized uploaded after crash free reportFPS Honor: Special Forces
FPS Honor: Special Forces
FPS Honor: Special Forces
FPS Honor: Special Forces
FPS Honor: Special Forces

MOD Features*


FPS Honor: Special Forces v1.15 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

FPS Honor: Special Forces v1.15 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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