Fury Survivor: Pixel Z v1.061 (Mod Apk)

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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z v1.061 (Mod Apk) Christmas Carnival is coming! It’s time for zombie matching and slashing!

◆Explore the new dungeon, Terror Cemetery!
Caution! Spooky monsters crossing! A new dungeon for Halloween, Terror Cemetery, is now available. Count Dracula and Jack-o’-lantern are hungering for blood.

◆Challenge the tile-matching game with Mr. Pumpkin!
During the event, challenge the tile-matching game to get abundant rewards. Higher ranking, richer bonus! Besides, a new Halloween pet, Mr. Pumpkin, is ready to attend this scary party.

◆More updates are waiting for you!
New dungeon rewards, new guild event, and new equipment! Come, and join the Halloween Terror!

WARNING! Z-Virus leaked out! Z-Virus leaked out! Z-Virus leaked out!
Within just a few days, most of humanity had been infected. All that is left are countless bodies and wandering zombies. But you, the hero raised in Doomsday, became a fury survivor to accomplish your mission.

*Find Family in Apocalypse*
Your beloved wife and daughter disappeared in the apocalypse. In order to find them, you must travel through different areas and wipe out zombies along the way. The path is extremely perplexed. Just be brave, Warrior!

*Zombie Slaughter Party*
Kill or be killed, you have no choice! Infected zombies are everywhere, and you must become a ruthless killer. Carry your gear and weapons, enjoy a slaughter feast with your soaring adrenalin. The splashing blood and the burst of zombie brain will be your trophies. Kill all of them NOW!

*Scavenge Supplies & Weapons*
Arm yourself and be ready to fight anytime. Search for supplies such as food, beverage, equipment and weapons across the map. Diverse weapons are waiting for you to choose.

*Build Viable System*
In the Doomsday survival is the most basic goal. Utilize your camp to collect food, water, wood, etc., learn different crafts and create your own refuge. Remember, you are the Fury Survivor!

Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/FurysurvivorPixelZ
Discord: https://discord.gg/S5gnAgp
Official Website: http://www.furysurvivor.com/

It’s necessary to use the below permission:

In order to save your gaming data, we have to get the permission of file access. We only have the access to your game account and data. All the photos or other personal files will not be accessed.
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

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  1. Está dando falha, fazendo toda instalação certinha e colocando obb no local, ele abre fica tela preta e falha, arrume isso Por favor.

  2. It’s not modded pls fix or delete, and you’re my comment just because i commented “it’s modded”? How rude, i commented because i tested it and it work, it’s a hate comment.. So Please kindly re check your resource or fix it if you’re the one who make the mod

  3. Creo que deberíais tener la decencia de publicar los comentarios o de quitar el enlace del juego ya que no esta “Con Mod” es simplemente enlaces al juego normal y corriente , ya que yo lo probé


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