Girl Cafe Gun Tw v1.0.9 (Mod Apk)

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Girl Cafe Gun Tw

Girl Cafe Gun Tw v1.0.9 (Mod Apk) The next-generation girl shootout mobile game “Girl·Coffee·Gun” that is popular in Japan is now being reserved!
AKB48 Team TP endorsement, the perfect encounter between the next generation of mobile games and the new generation of idols!
The traditional Chinese special code “Nine Tibetan Miaowo” series of linkage furniture is super cute and start, and you can match it as you like, waiting for you!
Come and embark on the next-generation mobile game tour of “Barrage Shooting + Girl Training + Cafe Management”!

——This is a story about “trust” and “courage”, “doom” and “hope”

The “big explosion” triggered by the “source force” caused half of the earth to collapse. The surviving part of the human race relied on various refuges to gradually repair civilizations, but new disputes ignited.
Under the apocalypse, go to the battlefield and command the girl combat team to win in the rain of bullets, experience all-round shooting without dead ends, gorgeous battle screens, rich and substantial battle voices, and freely operate various skills to experience an unprecedented combat experience.

——This is a story of bondage with “12 girls” in the name of guardian

Contrasting cute rifleman “Timeless”, Tsundere Miss “Rococo”, elegant witch “Kiuri Chihime”, energetic idol singer “Su Xiaozhen”… 12 girls with different personalities are with you .
Touch, give gifts, special training, feel the real girl’s interactive experience, zero-distance interaction to cultivate tacit understanding, groups, private messaging, and social systems to bring each other closer.
The wonderful moments in the girls’ lives, every time they spend together, every moment that shines, are restored through the ultra-real Live2D technology throughout the process, recording every moment of your heart and her heart!
Independent fetters plot, all characters and voices, Japanese super-popular voice actors such as Nanjo Aino, Horie Yui, Kugimiya Rie, etc. will portray the voice of the girl’s soul one by one!

——This is a story about the management of “Cafe” and “Mercenary Group”

The cafe is free to operate, with a high degree of freedom DIY system, a 360-degree viewing angle, and more styles of characteristic furniture objects to create an exclusive personalized cafe. Cafes, backyards, and bedrooms have multiple scenes to switch, and there are more unique linkage furniture waiting for you to match. Spend free time with the girls.
When the enemy is approaching, the girls are transformed into flowers on the battlefield, holding guns in the broken world in the name of “Squad 08” to reverse the world and end.

are you ready?
Our story begins

Latest News in Traditional Chinese
New Generation Idol x Armed Girl
The super-popular girl group AKB48 Team TP is the endorsement of the charm, armed girls and new-generation idols gather, armed with guns to reverse the end of the world, AKB48 will immediately join the battle! More AKB48 exclusive fashion will be unveiled soon!

Jiuzang Meow Nest x Girl Coffee Gun
The well-known character animation brand “Jiu Zang Miao Wo” and “Girl·Coffee·Gun” are linked together. The “Meow Kingdom Cafe” series of linked furniture can be downloaded and received, and there are more than 12 girls who are super cute and cute!

————————————————– ——————
Device permission statement:
External memory read/write: need to read and write game data in local memory
————————————————– ——————
※The plot of the game involves sex (light nudity), violence, virtual love or marriage, and is classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, but some content or services in the game require additional payment.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid indulging in the game, which may affect your physical and mental health.少女咖啡槍

Mod Menu
>Dumb Enemy
>Low Grunt HP
>Unlimited Ammo
>Move Speed Multiplier
>Attack Speed Multiplier


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Girl Cafe Gun Tw v1.0.9 (Mod Apk) – APK LINK

Girl Cafe Gun Tw v1.0.9 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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