Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game v2.0.13 Mod Apk

Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game

Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game v2.0.13 Mod Apk Plot your strategy game play to raise a gladiator team in this epic action game of fighting and tactics combined in gladiator war!
Become a merciless gladiator by going in war against the Roman Empire! In ancient Rome you are allowed to hire slaves, train warriors, buy swords, learn special skills, and welcome to this strategy action game… Welcome to Gods of Arena!

An action packed gladiator game where applying the right strategy and tactics of choosing the perfect attack, training gladiators in a way so they would form a team of winners, and tactically attacking your opponent so you would win the gladiator battle. That will grant you a flawless Rome victory! Start humble and slow, having one on one strategy game battles at start, before you plan to hire gladiators, strategically purchase armor items, swords, maces, dual swords, and getting ready for five on five battles where using special attacks and supernatural powers mixed with the right strategy timing, are the things that can save your life!

Presented by Y8 games website for online games, this strategic game known as Gods of Arena has the following features:
– 15+ hours of strategy gameplay enhanced with fast-paced actions and attacks
– Rome Empire contains of 3 big cities to conquer, meaning 3 wars in ancient Rome style! Ten battles for each town, and at least 50 enemy gladiators
– Up to 100 battle quests, strategy chained quests, few tactics to support your items and victory, and only few where you play as pray against raging enemies
– 5 boss battles (aside strategy and tactics, you will need epic swords, pro gladiators, and crit hits, to win)
– managing a team up to 5 gladiators, joininign the true gods of managers
– Gladiator who wear up to four epic body armors, making the best strategy game play to win
– Gladiator who can wield melee swords, range weapons or even two blades at once, obtaining victory in each war
– Gladiator tactics to learn the arts of 6 different fighting techniques
– Rome gladiators market for buying and selling gladiators
– 50+ epic body armors
– 50+ unique weapons (swords, bows, spears, knifes)
– 20 achievements
– rewards such as: gold coins, legendary weapons, rare armors

How to play Gods of Arena game (it applies also for Y8 games website and for this free mobile application):
Arena battles are automatically fought, where the true power lies in using the right strategy and perfect timing of activating special weapon special powers! Once the weapon special power is restored, tap its icon to activate it and unleash a dreadful attack.
The perfect strategy game win, is to use ~50% for damage delivery, ~40% for strategically neutralizing your enemy, and the rest of of strategy and tactics to focus on range weapons, like arrows, cool knifes, and gladiator spears.

Gods of Arena strategy tips, strategy game win help, and best attacks for winning this war! This also applies for Y8 games website:
Each item gives different amount of stats, and those stats are differently improving your gladiator. Plan your strategy game very carefully, so you would wear armors and gladiator weapons which suits you perfect.

Victory over Achievements gives you a fighting boost, by giving you weapons, free gold, armor items, and experience. Assured Strategy game win is to plan which achievements to obtain first, and then fighting and defeating the enemy gladiator team, will be a simple battle for you.
There are three types of gladiators, and each of them is strategically designed for specific fighting style. Test them a lot, and try to plan which action style maximize the gladiator stats, which will drastically aid your winning strategy.

Train your slaves, enter the Gods of Arena game, and good luck fighting your way to fortune and fame! While in Rome town, be warned that the Roman Emperor might be interested in seeing you, if you grab his attention, that is…

This strategy game is also available at Y8 games website, which is free to play game.

Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game

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Unlimited Gold


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