Gold Miner Classic v2.5.8 (Mod Apk)

Gold Miner Classic

Gold Miner Classic v2.5.8 (Mod Apk) Welcome to the best game for offline! Dig gold, level up, this is a extremly simple but addictive phone game!

Just find us through the keywords: gold miner, gold miner classic, games with gold, etc. You will see gold miner classic appear on top with 10,000,000+ downloads in the last 5 years .

Through adventures to lands full of treasures, dig as many items as quickly as possible. Dig gold, diamonds, avoid rocks and pigs to gain points faster. This retro games will help you practice reflexes very quickly. Gold miner is suitable for your all ages and whole family to gather together or even without internet but need to relax.

What are the gameplay features?
– Cute graphic, re-live memory games.
– Fantasy game music.
– Gold miner supports 26 distinct languages.
– Social features like: invite to play via facebook, share, send explosives, gold and time.
– Daily rewards.
– Use gold bars to continue when you lose.
– Low megabyte & free games.

What we bring to you?
– Help you kill your boring time.
– Help you practice your brain and fingers with diamond miner.
– Are you alone? Gold miner will be with you.

– New mode: PVP
Play against other gold miners online. Get prizes for ranking top at each week’s end!

Play now this top game all time and don’t hesitate to send us feedback via mail:
Interact via fanpage:
Thank you for choosing our game!
Gold Miner Classic
Gold Miner Classic
Gold Miner Classic
Gold Miner Classic
Gold Miner Classic

Modify the price of all diamond consumption in the game to 0,
remove all advertisements in the game,
modify the game to get 10,000 gold bars, and increase the number of reels in the game without reducing.
The new version is modified: the shop uses diamonds to purchase gold bars or skins and other items plus diamonds 100.


Gold Miner Classic v2.5.8 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Gold Miner Classic v2.5.8 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

Gold Miner Classic v2.5.8 (Mod Apk) – RACATY LINK

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