GUNBIRD classic v1.0.8 (Mod Apk)

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GUNBIRD classic

GUNBIRD classic v1.0.8 (Mod Apk) An adventure in the sky begins to search for pieces of magical mirrors that will fulfill wishes!

[How to Play]
You can move the character by dragging and shots are fired automatically.

[Game features]
– All characters are free to play
– Acquiring P items increase the power of the weapon
– “FULL POWER START” is starting the game with full power from the beginning
– Available to select for various difficulty levels [Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard]
– Super Shot to use special skills for each character.
– Bomb at the moment of crisis to protect against enemy attacks.
– Available to change the screen to the original screen in the settings.
– Available to obtain a bomb item during play.
– Available to obtain gold coins in the game for extra points.
– Supported achievements and leaderboards.
– Supported 16 languages.

© Psikyo Produced by © CITY CONNECTION CO., LTD. Published by MOBIRIX Corporation.

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GUNBIRD classic
GUNBIRD classic
GUNBIRD classic
GUNBIRD classic
GUNBIRD classic
GUNBIRD classic

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