Helix Horizon v1.9.0 Mod Apk

Helix Horizon

Helix Horizon v1.9.0 Mod Apk Spiral world of heaven and earth has been gathered, condensation, everything is also arrogant to grow into. Before the sun shines on the earth, hear the familiar voice in the ear whisper. Instantaneous time, people in the fortification of this, in order to love guarding their homes, we are about to jointly resist the real enemy who is … …

【Deluxe seiyuu lineup】
Kumiya Rie, Uchida color, Tamura by Gary, Hatsu Matsumoto, on the Osaka, on behalf of Wing Wing, Nishida see, Aoki Glass sub-thirty famous Japanese seiyuu Qingxiang.

【Ring Out】
In addition to the traditional desperate struggle to defeat the enemy, but also through the new Ring Out system, elegant and gorgeous enemy will be out of the field to win!

Want to experience the king of a technical reversal of pleasure?

[Association of hunting magic]
Association is not only members of the daily exchange of places, but also in this united against an unprecedented powerful enemy.

Can support four at the same time online, real-time operation of the [hunting magic] war waiting for you to hunting God challenge!

【More play】
Can only helplessly watch a bunch of meticulous role to automatically push to rub the battle to make you feel lonely?
Sura border, the top of the tower, bucket technology system to bring you place, collaboration, interactive new play!


All-Star Production Lineup
Yoshikawa Ming Jing, former Japanese SEGA producer, served as “chain war” product director, “Sakura Wars” series Chinese producer.

Diamond Cafe, well-known writer, journalist, translation, known as the king of short stories of light.

Sound Director
Zeta, famous music talented woman, in composition, performance, dubbing aspects have a profound knowledge, “carp”, “all things grow” and other excellent game composition.
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Official website

螺旋境界線 Helix Horizon:聖女傳承
螺旋境界線 Helix Horizon:聖女傳承
螺旋境界線 Helix Horizon:聖女傳承
螺旋境界線 Helix Horizon:聖女傳承
螺旋境界線 Helix Horizon:聖女傳承
螺旋境界線 Helix Horizon:聖女傳承

1. The enemy 0 damage
2. Unlimited skills


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